OAKLAND (CBS/BCN) — An man wielding what police called a replica assault weapon was shot and killed by officers Saturday morning in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood.

The Oakland Police Department received a call about 9:35 a.m. that a man was armed in the 5500 block of Taft Avenue, spokeswoman Holly Joshi said.

When officers arrived they found a man dressed in camouflage and carrying the replica.  When the suspect confronted the officers, the police opened fire and killed him.

This was the second fatal officer-involved shooting in Oakland this week.

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Comments (19)
  1. Clyde says:

    damn this seem like a daily event in Oakland


  2. James says:

    When the police demand you drop your gun, you are going to reardless if you like it or not. Whether you are alive or dead when you do so is entirely your choice.

  3. A says:

    Okay…Police shoot and kill armed suspect…what…am I missing something…so what?

  4. Phillip Gaines says:

    Another Day in Oakland, police should stay calm and not try to live out their Capatain America fantasies while in duty.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      Gee Phil, I guess you are the only one in here who would want to take the chance of dealing someone with a rifle. If you had half a brain and any understanding of the capabilities of a subject, especially one with any kind of training, armed with a rifle maybe you would not be quite so willing. But since you are just an idiot, please just say thank you. You have no idea what effect such an event has on a normal human being. Some cops have to retire as a result of killing a person. For most people, killing someone is a significant life event and not them “living out their Captain America fantasies.” Go back to eating granola and hugging trees you idiot. And when confronted by people trying to “commit suicide by cop,” if the officer(s) do not oblige the individual they oftentimes are more than willing to carry out a lethal attack on the officers. I for one am just glad this was not the case in this instance.

      1. Paul K says:

        The fact that 3 police shoot-to-kill incidents in ONE WEEK in Oakland is OK with you guys is sick. I would be very surprised if these 3 officers lose any sleep over their senseless action–it seems to be the way you do business in the East Bay.

  5. Tiny McClure says:

    Way to go OPD! When your armed with a assault riffle and the police tell you drop your weapon do as they ask or take the chance of getting killed!

    1. Sassyrp says:

      Itty Bitty, I mean tiny….it was not an assault riffle…it was a REPLICA, and just because the OPD, say it happen like that don’t mean nothing!

  6. m says:

    I have the feeling I have read this story before ?

  7. Zack Debarco says:

    What is Philip Gaines trying to say? I dare him to walk in the shoes of any cop in Oakland and then make that comment! How nice of him to judge from the comfort of his nice safe home after having thought about it for some time. I don’t know WHY anybody would want to be a cop in Oakland?!!!!

  8. another Oaklander says:

    Zack, it seems to me Phillip gets his notions on justice from reading Comic Books and 1-hour tv dramas. And, like other cop-haters, he seems to think the only people entitled to shoot others are the thousands of felons, gang members, muggers, and assorted nutcases, running around Oakland with their loaded illegal guns.

  9. bounty hunterr says:

    they are a buncha cowards I know Im a detective there remember Oscar Grant

  10. JoMama says:

    OPD do an awesome job in a stink hole city.

  11. DaPoPoMan says:

    @Paul K – Fool, believe what you want. The suspects dictate the officer’s actions. If it were as out of control as you would have everyone believe then police would be blasting everyone who mouthed off (which happens all day long) instead of using force in only about 0.5% of all contacts.

  12. cops forget what their job says:

    police are afraid and shoot first and ask questions later. they are out to protect themselves and think they are superior to civilians. This human was a father and a veteran. US marine. Don’t disrespect with your comments on here! Police learn to “protect and serve” not control and oversea. if you can’t slow down and remember the value of human life then you should get a new job. if you can’t handle public scrutiny, get a new job and if you can’t talk intelligently and refrain from calling people idiot because they disagree with you please get a new country

  13. mary o says:

    The Oakland police seems only to be able to kill suspects. How many suspects were ever wounded? I find that very suspicious. Police training in Oakland need to change.

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