San Francisco Considers Parking Permits For Nannies

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco’s tightly regulated residential parking permits may soon be available to childcare providers, thanks to a group of local parents who say nanny parking is a safety issue for kids.

The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority board of directors will vote Tuesday on whether to offer families one annual $98 permit for childcare purposes.

If approved, transportation officials say San Francisco would be the largest U.S. city to offer such a permit.

The parents behind the initiative say nannies are often forced to choose between racking up hefty fines or leaving children unattended every two hours to search for a new spot.

Critics say reducing parking-space turnover makes little sense in the country’s second-most densely populated city.

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  • gimme a break!

    A little more privilege for the privileged? What happened to our official city policy, “Transit first”? Or is that only for the little people? Wouldn’t the bike coalition prefer that these nannies cycle to work?


  • miggs

    Nannies can’t “cycle” the kids they watch all through town. Nor are they allowed to take strollers with infants on the bus. I’m not wealthy- I’m a former nanny who was required to use my car for work and got tickets constantly.

    The “privilege” isn’t for the wealthy- it’s for the poor nanny. BTW, not all families who have childcare are rich. This city is expensive and now that I’m a mom-to-be my husband and I both have to work and someone has to watch our kid. We’re renters and technically our income is at poverty.

    • Rt in Danville

      Miggs, I don’t mean to sound off on you, but your reply is quite curious. If you’re at the poverty level, why didn’t you wait to have kids until you could afford one? Why don’t you move to a less expensive city? Are the jobs you and your spouse currently have only offered in expensive SF?

  • Bob

    Wow! Who can afford to have kids here? I thought the dot com fixed
    all that making the best little parasite free city!

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