DALY CITY (KCBS) – Hundreds of dogs crammed into the Cow Palace this weekend for the annual Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show.

More than 135 breeds are on display and Dog Show spokesperson Jeanne Bobbitt said two new breeds were exhibited.

“The rat terrier and I hope I pronounce it correctly, the Portuguese Podengo Pequenos,” Bobbitt said. “I have no idea what they look like.”

KCBS’ Patti Reising Reports:

Bobbitt has been training and showing dogs since the 1950’s.

“We wore what you call wash dresses. Button down the front dresses made out of cotton,” said Bobbitt. “The men wore suits with a tie. They still do, but now it’s a little more informal.”

Bobbitt said there are plenty of vendors this year and the event is great for animal lovers looking to see their favorite dogs up close.

This weekend marks the 108th Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show.

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Comments (3)
  1. John W. Stafford says:

    I should have entered my two pedigree dogs in the competition. They would have gone wild//1

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