SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — In the wake of at least three recent officer-related shootings, the San Francisco Police Department is reviving efforts to equip officers with electronic stun guns.

The department’s move comes nearly a year after the Police Commission narrowly rejected a proposal to even explore using the devices commonly known as Tasers

The commission cited safety and liability concerns.

Police shootings this year included an officer video-taped wounding a knife-wielding man in a wheelchair.

Use-of-force experts say that a solid case made by the department could win over a commission with several new members by citing Tasers as an alternative to deadly force.

Critics acknowledge that Tasers are less lethal than guns, but say they still pose a health risk, including death.

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Comments (7)
  1. john says:

    NO to tasers.
    They are torture devices, serving only authoritarian egos and sadism.
    tasers have no place in a free democracy.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      You are absolutely right John. I’d much rather beat you with a club and break your bones than to safely and harmlessly zap you with a Taser. Idiots like you only want to believe one thing. Tasers make it much safer for the suspects and the officers. I guess you are glad the SFPD shot the guy in the wheelchair (he could stand and walk by the way, no idea why he was rolling around in a wheelchair then) when they would have been able to Taser him and be done with it. But since you are the well trained expert we’ll go with what you want. Also, this is not a democracy. The United States is a republic, but then I guess you do not understand the distinction between them. Another win for our schools.

      1. D says:

        LOL. +1
        Well said DaPoPoMan.

    2. woody says:

      You are a liberal idiot and if you were the one going “pyscho” and in which the police were called to deal with: I’m sure you would prefer being “tazed” over being shot.

  2. Sofa Kingdom says:

    You’d think that would potentially turn it from 3 shootings into 3 tasings. But no – It will change to 1000 tasings.

    1. DaPoPoMan says:

      Once again you are a fool with no understanding of how life works. There is a court ruling that specifically limits the use of Tasers to COMBATIVE persons. You are not allowed to zap someone just because. They have to be engaging in ASSAULTIVE, VIOLENT actions toward the officers or another person.

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