SAN FRANCISCO (AP/KCBS) – San Francisco could soon become the first city in the nation to ban the unsolicited distribution of the Yellow Pages.

Board of Supervisors President David Chiu plans to introduce a proposal on Tuesday that would require a consumer’s approval before the Yellow Pages could be dropped off at a home or office.

Besides, he says the Internet has made them unnecessary.

“I think the Yellow Pages were a very relevant tool in the 20th century,” he reasoned. “The current five to ten pound book of the Yellow Pages is really an obsolete tool.”

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Chiu believes many of the phone books end up unopened in the recycling bin.

Chiu’s proposal includes fines of up to $500 for unsolicited deliveries. It would not affect distribution of the white pages.

Yellow Pages Association spokeswoman Amy Healy says the industry group favors a voluntary opt-out proposal. She says an outright ban would infringe on the group’s right to distribute speech.

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Comments (15)
  1. Day says:

    I agree. I always just toss them in the recycling bin when I get them. I always look things up on the internet.

    1. PC says:

      Not everyone use internet like you and I….. There are still quite some who don’t use interest….

  2. CC says:

    Why does this need a law and a fine? I think most people would prefer to have it be an option. Not every business and resident is using the internet…. so for some they still want the yellow pages. Let the consumer and business choose how they want to do it. Please!!

    1. PC says:

      Totally Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Jade Smith says:

        Yes you are 100% right! I agree with you. I work with computer 8 hrs a day and I try not using sit up the front at the screen looking up stuffs. In fact, I like to have a actual directory to look up info for either anything relates to community pages, airport info, attraction, parks, postal codes, even a map with the time zone! I won’t vote for banning it at all!

  3. Choice says:

    When the power is out and you cant access the internet…. the phone book suddenly becomes very handy. Leave us an option.

    1. Jade Smith says:

      You are very thoughtful! I haven’t thought about this point!
      Good point! In fact, the phone book has tons of info and it’s very
      handle when looking up info. I love it especially when I travel in
      the other states. I always check where the phone book is in my hotel room.

  4. RealityCheck says:

    They are still a relevant tool. They could be used to beat your A##! Does anyone really wonder why San Francisco is such a joke? With proposed legislation like this it is no wonder. Okay, you don’t want a yellow pages drop it in your recycling bin and be done with it. Does it require so much effort that you just cannot keep up? Just remember Councilman Chiu, Daly is going to haunt you!!!!! And here I thought Chris Daly was a giant tool. Chiu is following in Daly’s footsteps well.

  5. RJ says:

    Now let’s ban Political Flyers. They also end up unread, in recycling. And they are certainly “unsolicited deliveries.”

  6. Rachel says:

    there’s no need to over-legislate. i think the phone book should be delivered only on an opt-in basis (not opt-out) since more people than not end up tossing them.

  7. Greg Landers says:

    What a waste of resources and abuse of our time! We demand “Opt In.” They only offer “Opt Out.” After an painfully long registration process (do you actually think someone is going to fraudulently crack into your “Opt Out” site??) they send you a password to “Register in order to Opt Out.” The password is good for only one use. Fine, except that the link to actually log in to Opt Out fails. I tried this on both my residence and my (sole proprietor) business and both failed to reach their Opt Out site. Perhaps their Opt Out program is accidentally or deliberately designed to fail. More likely, the demand to Opt Out is overwhelming their site. This supports the demand that they should offer only Opt-In to the 30% minority that actually wants their anachronistic book. Here’s my free speech Yellow Pages: Quit littering my doorsteps and trash cans with intentionally wasted paper resources (not to mention the gasoline wasted to deliver these garbage can deadweights).

  8. t says:

    I just love it that when I contact mayor’s office or my supervisor’s office (Chiu) regarding constant buying, selling, and using of crack on the sidewalks in my neighborhood, I don’t even get a response. Yet they have time for this kind of over-legislating nonsense. The city gov’t just loves to issue laws where someone else had to do all the work. But with complex issues that require THEM to figure out solutions, etc., they do nothing.

  9. Tom says:

    David Chiu has stated that it cost San Francisco $65 million a year to dispose of the yellow pages books. My numbers could be off but you should get the idea. If there were 200,000 yellow page books, that would mean to dispose of them would cost $325 each. Really? The solution? Make the residential and business telephone books the white pages!

  10. Keri says:

    You go SF… Really this is these elected officials are working on. Lets think about this.. Well who cares about the people that don’t have the internet because they choose not to use it or they can not afford it- their problem right. Power outages never happen either- oh- your right the cell phone- everyone has one and a data plan to go with it- heck if you don’t, you suckers deserve what you get. Oh and your upstair leaking toilette will wait for you use your cell phone while you look for that plumber on the data plan.. don’t worry about the damage- you can afford that.
    Now that opt out opt in thing.. that’s the solution- make sure that it’s online because again who cares about those other people- they may live in SF.. but they are not true San Franciscans if they do not have internet or data plans…

    Oh who cares about the jobs in the area that will go to the way side. Graphic Artist, sales people, HR, customer service reps that live and work in the SF for the yellowpages, – oh yeah those gas waisters that deliver the book – fire them all too.
    Just think San Francisco can get back $65 million- nice… and who cares about those who don’t have internet, or worse don’t have data plans- they are so out of touch and those jobs they can find other positions there are so many out there right now- let’s clean up SF from the yellowpages – and get back this great city… We must believe everything we are told by our politicians..
    Oh me I don’t work for the yellowpages- I am just a business owner who thinks “are we really paying people to discuss this”- oh and my business would only be effected if some one could not call me- no worries.

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