KCBS radio ‘Foodie Chap’ and CBS 5 television ‘Eye On The Bay’ host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.

By Liam Mayclem, the KCBS Foodie Chap

1300 On Fillmore is a restaurant and lounge that draws on the rich cultural history of San Francisco’s Fillmore Jazz District, the city’s live music destination. 1300 On Fillmore features “Soulful American” cuisine, accompanied by a list of the finest California wines and a full bar. The restaurant opened in October, 2007 to rave reviews and has been wowing diners ever since. At the helm of the restaurant is Executive Chef and Managing Partner David Lawrence with his wife and business partner Monetta. Chef Lawrence combines classic French cooking techniques with hints of southern flavors using fresh, California seasonal ingredients. He is celebrated for his food and for his Chefs for Kids program, raising thousands of dollars for the Tenderloin After School Program.

Lawrence said, “Being a chef allows me to be creative and physical at the same time. I am able to use both sides of my brain at all times because if I don’t I will get burned!”

Lawrence received his formal culinary training at Westminster College in London. In 1982, he joined England’s most celebrated and honored culinarians, Albert and Michael Roux. He has cooked for politicians and royalty: Prince and Princess of Wales; Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon; and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He moved to America in 1986 and has not looked back. From the Carnelian Room to 1300 Fillmore it has been one really delicious journey. Over MLK weekend he cooked his famous barbecue shrimp served with creamy hominy grits topped with micro greens with me at his 1300 kitchen. We laughed, we talked, we almost cried. We definitely ate.

>> Enjoy the Chef David Lawrence interview here.

5 Tasty Questions with David Lawrence

1. Name the dish that reminds you of home and why?

That would have to be the Shrimp & Grits that we have here at the restaurant. That’s because growing up at home in England I would have corn meal porridge, very similar to grits and we have a little sugar in there, a little cream and cinnamon. On a cold day it’s an awesome dish to have.

2. What is your late night snack. It’s midnight you go the fridge, what’s always there?

What’s always in my fridge is a pot of yogurt, invariably Blueberry yogurt. And it’s easy, open it, spoon and eat it in front of the TV. Love it.

3. What is the worst offense that can be committed by a diner at 1300, your restaurant?

Not tipping my waiters.

4. If not a chef what would you be?

That’s easy. A striker for England or Chelsea. I would be wearing number 9. I was Drogba before Drogba was even born.

5. Last supper, what would you eat and who would your dinner guests be, two people dead or alive?

A curry. Hard to find a good curry in this country apart from DOSA, a good place up the road. Two people. One would have to be Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet. I loved the guy growing up. He influenced my to get cooking. The other one would have to be Halle Berry. And I may have to have a third one as I am married so I would have to bring the wife. There would be a catfight going on there. Love it.

Chef David Lawrence’s Barbeque shrimp over Creamy grits

Serves 4

24 medium shrimp in their shells (you will be removing shells and saving them)

1 tablespoons olive oil

1 chopped shallot

1 clove of minced garlic

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

2 tablespoons dry white wine

1 cups heavy cream

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon of minced mix herbs

Salt and Ground Black Pepper to taste


Season the shrimp with salt and ground black pepper.

Heat in a large pan over high heat. When the oil is hot, add the seasoned shrimp sauté for 1 minute. (Do not over cook shrimp.)

Remove shrimp from pan set aside then add chopped shallots and minced garlic, cook till soft and then deglaze with white wine and Worcestershire sauce.

Reduce by ½ and add cream and reduce by ½. Add the sautéed shrimp and butter.

Finish with minced mix herbs.

Serve immediately over creamy grits.

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