OAKLAND (KCBS) – Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate a state tax credit for companies that hire workers within specific neighborhoods would cost the state thousands of jobs, according to business owners who benefit from the credit.

Brown’s budget proposal chops $1 billion off California’s deficit by eliminating a credit when workers are hired in 42 so-called enterprise zones around the state, including downtown San Francisco and downtown Oakland.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

A study by the state Department of Finance found the 10,000 new jobs in those areas every month would be created anyways, but business owners insist expanding would be difficult without the credit.

“We have 100 employees. I’m sure we’ve hired at least 40 or 50 of those since we became aware of the enterprise credit,” said Mike Hannigan, owner of an Oakland office supply store called Give Something Back.

Few Californians have even heard of the enterprise tax credit, and its elimination has taken a back seat to Gov. Brown’s proposal to eliminate the redevelopment agencies that cities depend on to fund local services sometimes only tenuously tied to eliminating blight.

Max Shenker with the California Association of Enterprise Zones noted that Arizona is already campaigning to lure companies that would have to pay higher taxes across the border if Brown gets rid of what he considers the most effective job creation incentive California has.

“California, of course, doesn’t exist in a vacuum and we are in competition with our neighboring states,” he said.

“It’s not going to be helpful to the economic health of the state.”

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  1. Frank C.Jones says:

    The fundamental problem in California is NOT that taxes ore too low.
    It is that spending is to HIGH!
    The educational problem is NOT that not enough is spent but that there is extremely poor value for money for the money that IS spent. So mnay students come out of school almost illiterate.
    May be more effort should be spent on Reading Riting and Rithmatic! and much less on collective and individual behavioral modificartion and other quetionable social programs.
    A large ammount of money could be saved by eliminataing ALL subsidies on ecofanaticism including but not limited to windmills solar projects high sped rail green rebates etc . All projects should stand or fall on their own economic basic soundness
    For examole : Every advertisment I have seen for PGE for decades is aimed at trying to persuade cusomers to use LESS of their product. Much of this is backed up by many huge rebate programs preumably much if not all of which is paid for ulimately by tax revenues.
    This is just a start and can be fully justified if necessary at more length and with more detail.

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