SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The nation’s unemployment numbers keep looking better and better on paper. But in the real world, it’s a different story. The nation’s unemployment rate went down almost half of a percent in January, but analysts say that’s not as good as it seems because those numbers only count those people who are in the market for a job.

KCBS’ Mike Sugerman Reports About the Bay:

”What those numbers mean is that several hundred thousand people simply stopped looking for work last month,” said KCBS Financial Editor Jason Brooks.

”It’s devastating,” said 51-year-old Mark Singer. “I never thought it would be this hard.”

Singer lost his job as a librarian three years ago, and has been surviving by cobbling together a string of part time jobs.

”We’ve been living off of savings,” said Singer. “We’ve cashed in 401Ks and IRAs. It’s pretty close to desperate.”

”We have been working with literally thousands of people in their 50s and 60s who have lost their jobs, some of whom who have been out of work for close to two years now,” said Abby Snay of JVS Vocational Services.

She has been in the business for 35 years, and said that she’s never seen it this bad.

”It’s likely that the jobs these people are going to get aren’t going to pay as much, or be at the same status level, or have the same stability and security as the jobs they lost,” said Snay.

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Comments (4)
  1. Sven says:

    Believe it. I moved down to LA for work after not finding anything even approaching a livable wage and that’s with cutting back to nothing and renting a room.

    The perception that SF will actually have the World Cup yacht race is a farce. The City can’t even figure out who the interim Mayor should be much less figure out how to meet all the points of a contract involving the property and dollars of that race. Damn shame.

  2. glenn mayer says:

    According to the Government 10,000 baby boomers a day are reaching retirement age and retiring,
    thats 3.65 million per year over the next 5 years 18.25 million will be eligible and most will retire. The government does not need to spend another dime or create one job. The workforce will shrink and unemployment will shrink. There will be plenty of job opening to be filled more then workers available to fill. Plus catering for 18.25 million new baby boomers retires, will create even more jobs needed to be filled. Government should focus on bolstering social security and medicare and not worry about jobs. Jobs are on the way which will bring a new era of prosperity. .

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