California Researchers Raise Concerns About ‘Thirdhand Smoke’

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – You’ve heard of the damaging health effects of smoking and secondhand smoke. But what happens when the smoke settles?

According to scientists, smoke literally sticks around for a while, as something they are calling “thirdhand smoke.”

Karolyn Ballard learned about it the hard way. Her new apartment had been painted and scrubbed, carpets cleaned. What she didn’t know was a heavy smoker just moved out.

“I woke up at night,” Ballard said, “and I could just smell the tobacco smell getting worse every night. It was like it was just oozing out of the walls.”

“It can be a real problem,” said landlord and professional ServPro cleaner Paul Watts. His crew wears protective gear to scrub a smoker’s house, to prevent nicotine poisoning.

“It’s a very long, slow process. And it has to be cleaned off before you can put paint, or else it’s going to bleed through the paint,” Watts said.

We’ve all smelled “thirdhand smoke” in places such as bars and stale hotel rooms. Now scientists are beginning to study it.

At Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a chain-smoking machine puffs away on eight cigarettes at a time, depositing smoke residue on various materials so scientists can study the fallout and chemical reactions.

Researchers Mohamad Sleiman and Lara Gundel say nicotine is the gift that keeps on giving. The residue hangs around for weeks or months, they found, sticking to everything from clothes to carpets to kids — long after the smoker has gone.

“It’s really difficult to get rid of the smoke that is impregnated in the surfaces,” Sleiman said.

But that’s not all.

“What we have found is that residues of tobacco smoke will get more toxic with time,” said Gundel. More toxic as nicotine reacts with other household gases and chemicals, or gets taken into the lungs as dust.

“And those particles are teeny particles,” said Gundel. “And they’re very irritating. They’re more irritating than nicotine or cigarette particles themselves.”

In another groundbreaking study, San Diego State University professor Georg Matt tested apartments after smokers moved out and non-smoking families moved in.

“We find these compounds in some apartments, six months, maybe even a year or longer,” said Matt.

Even after the apartments were cleaned and painted, he found nicotine all over, including on the hands of non-smoking adults. Most disturbing, Matt said he also found signs of nicotine in the urine of children.

“This child, as well as the adults, are likely to get exposed to tobacco smoke that was smoked in that apartment months ago,” Matt said.

Scientists say children’s exposure to thirdhand smoke can be 10 times greater than adults’, because of their small size and their tendency to put things in their mouth.

“Our concern about children is that they can be exposed to these carcinogens through their skin and through breathing and eating dust,” said Gundel.

What are the health effects from thirdhand smoke? No one fully knows because it hasn’t been studied yet.

But researches such as Georg Matt say they do know this, “You can’t just open the window and it goes away.”

“When you live in an environment like this, you cannot escape it,” Matt said.

According to one experiment, even though airborne toxins from thirdhand smoke are about a hundred times less than from secondhand smoke, those exposures can add up over time.

CBS 5 asked tobacco industry leader Phillip Morris about thirdhand smoke. The company declined to comment.

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  • Wyostk

    california…. nuff said.

    • Dr. Bombay

      These are the same morons injecting mercury, squalene, aborted retina fetal tissue, detergent and aluminum into their child from the vaccines they give them.

      • TomB

        I guess this “Dr” hasn’t read about how the vaccine to autism study was a complete fraud conjured up by that doctor in order to kill off all current vaccines. All the while while secretly making back-room deals with pharmacutical companies in order to get in on the new and “improved” vaccines that would take their place once outlawed.

      • Dr. Kenneth Almonbottom

        Just because you put Dr. in your name doesnt make you one. Look at non-fear mongering information on vaccines. Or are you scared that they contain products from mouse brains as well. PS There is more mercury in a can tuna than a vaccine

      • RichC

        That may be true, but no one forces me to eat tuna.

      • CitizenofUr

        And unlike not getting vaccinated, not eating tuna doesn’t harm other people. It’s a scientific hypothesis, and like most a good one, that second-hand smoke is dangerous. It’s not a fact. It is an absolute scientific fact however that your failure to vaccinate against communicable diseases puts entire communities at risk.

      • Liz

        There may be more mercury in a can of tuna than in a vaccine, but we don’t feed tuna to 3 week old babies either. The assault on their immune systems by so many immunizations so young in my opinion has caused a lot of the problems with asthma and the increases in sudden death syndrome for infants.

      • slobo

        Are you a chiropractor?

      • Liz

        I so agree !!

      • DavosJavos

        The problem with most MD’s is they know absolutely nothing about biochemistry and never will.

        He was biochemist and a MD and went to Cal Tech and Cambridge or physics.

        Dr. Kenneth Almonbottom please send your information and Google links.

    • stongteamaker


      I have data that proves sixth hand smoke is killing more people than are killed by age. Why is the US Government supressing my data and warnings. Americans are suffering from the smoke that smokers exhailled in the 1930s before cigarett filters were invented.

      • macbaldy

        Actually, most “second-hand smoke is first-hand. Most chain smokers will take about four or five puffs from a cigarette, letting it burn on its own for the rest of time. Sure, they’ll light up again soon after they finish one but their puff count doesn’t change much. This means that the cigarette smoke is mostly directly from the burning tobacco, without passing through any filter, without being partially filtered by the smoker’s lungs. First-hand smoke, not second-hand is what heavy smokers will bequeath to their surroundings. This is a very easy observation to make, in enclosed places where smoking is still allowed.

    • bob

      Yes let’s ignore medical research from the state that’s provided the lion’s share of technological innovation this country, and indeed the world, over the last fifty years.

      • Heartland Patriot

        Do you mean the same state that is slowly strangling its innovation and industries to death with over-regulation and taxation? The same state that would rather give its taxpayers’ money to illegal aliens than to return some of that money so it could be reinvested or spent on big ticket items? The same state that darn near killed its forestry industry? The same state that elected a former crooked governor as its new governor during an economic crisis? The same state that is LOSING population, if you don’t count the illegal aliens moving there? Is that the state you mean?

  • JWS

    They’ll eventually discover fourth hand smoke, which will constitute somebody just knowing that a smoker had been in the same place as them.

    • joym

      You made me laugh out loud!

      This article is so absurd. Guess everyone will have to leave all historic buildings cause people have been smoking in them for centuries.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Wouldn’t fourth hand smoke be that which someone saw in a movie or TV show, and FIFTH HAND smoke would be knowing OF a smoker? And sixth hand smoke would then be the THOUGHT of someone smoking…

    • morgana99

      You call this article baseless, but I don’t see where it presents anything but a concern, and the testing you’d like to see was there, just testing if these things exist. Nowhere in the article does it say that there is any known health risk. This article is what it is, most of these talkbacks address projected information (information that is NOT actually in the story) I DO think its funny they tested how it sticks to several materials, then they listed things it sticks to and included kids! I doubt that kids were test subjects :)

      • Heartland Patriot

        The problem with the TESTING is that the nature of the tests are often skewed to get the result they are looking for…like with DDT, where they fed rats THOUSANDS of times the amount that anyone would be exposed to, EVER in a lifetime, to make sure the rats had problems…lower doses didn’t do it, so they ratcheted it up until they got problems…then obscured that fact…and the result was the banning of a VERY effective pesticide…a lot of folks have died from mosquito born diseases that wouldn’t have died IF DDT had continued to be used as before that “study” was published. I’m not saying smoking is good for you, in the least. Just that these “scientists” are not all that concerned about people and ARE really all about research grant money and will hype anything that gets them paid…and since we all know smoking is bad, its an easy target.

      • Senlin

        Because junk science always starts with a “concern,” which morphs into a “link.” The “link” is referred to by the media as “cause.” By then the grandstanding politicians are off and running, the grad students are sucking up grant money better spent elsewhere, and the bureaucrats and “public advocacy” nomenklatura are stigmatizing honest corporate and individual citizens. Check the headlines — diet drinks cause strokes.

    • joam651946

      That is true JWS! But let’s you and I go on with this theory of your’s! How about even going farther and saying (second hand smoke #) 5&6&7&8&9 & Etc. &Etc.? Because then we can say that I knew a smoker who they knew a smoker and they knew a smoke Etc. Etc.??? Now we could end up with thousands of “HANDS” smoke damage?? (Stupid Huh?) I like your input theory though! I see your point! Hope you see mine? These people as “WE’ see have nothing to do but come up with a different version of the same thing? Does seem to be redundant? Kind of like saying “IT” is a poison! WELL! “IT” is a poison no matter what you injest it with! So if a poison is a poison is a poison? As nicotine is a poison! Why worry about how many ways it is a poison? Seems redundant to tell of all the different possibilities of what to injest a poison with and then go on to list all possible concoctions only to ultimately say “IT”S” still POISON!!!

      • JWS

        Until empirical evidence can be presented that this “third hand smoke” (and second hand, for that matter) is detrimental to the health of anyone but those with an allergy to it, asthmatics, and such, this whole article is what professionals in scientific fields (me, for instance) call “baseless conjecture”. Laws should never be passed on what the ignorant think might be possible.

      • Joe

        i understand what your saying but i don’t think you get the point here. This could be a break through and have smoking banned all together. We know what 1st hand smoking is OBV, yes? 2nd hand would be someone within the same area as someone smoking to smell and inhale. This 3rd hand smoke is the chemicals and nicotine left in the room on tables, couch, cloths, etc etc that will linger on for months and months at a time to poison more people that come within that area months later not knowing a smoker has smoke a cig there 4 months ago.

      • Justin Dean Job

        im suing all the big tobacco companies now

    • DG101

      What about fifth hand smoke, that’s talking on the phone to someone that is smoking.

      • tnmccoy

        I agree. I’ve seen in movies where a caller can squeeze water through the telephone line and squirt the other fellow in the face. So, tobacco smoke should be easy. Far more dangerous drugs are coming over our porous southern border, but the government ignores it for the most part, otherwise the troops would be there for inspection of EVERYTHING. Spend money and lecture the peons where it’ll do the most good. If cigarettes are so dangerous, BAN THEM! But they won’t. Why? Because of tax revenue. The various governments make too much off of big tobacco. If everyone gave up smoking a lot of governments would go under immediately.

    • Dave

      Have you smelled your tap water lately? How many 16th hand chemicals are in there? Ever tried to understand how many times the water you drink has already been through the gut of another living creature – especially those cities who get most of their water from rivers…?

      So agree with the apartment owner that you won’t move into a dwelling where smokers have previously lived.

    • icetrout

      Or Pre-Smoke where just thinking about smoke will produce brain tumors :O

  • ed wood

    “It can be a real problem,” said landlord and professional ServPro cleaner Paul Watt
    This guy doesn’t have a vested interest in scaring the public.
    If cigarettes are so lethal, how in the hell are Americans living longer than ever?
    How did anyone who lived years ago when smoking was widespread in America ever live beyond the age of 50?

    • sceptic09

      don’t panic Ed. This “doctor” doesn’t have tenure yet. This laughable theory may help him hang on until job security arrives. He needs to not fear for his future to study these “teeny” particles, I don’t think we can see them! He may also be appearing on the professional expert witness list in California’s tort friendly court system. Everyone is always working their own angle, obvious to all who admit their own first.

    • Joey brazullo

      Please! He has to wear gear for fear of nicotine poisoning? Come on!!

      • Heartland Patriot

        IF they have a machine smoking EIGHT cigarettes at a time and trapping the residue in a container, and they continue to do this over a lengthy period of time, it could be hazardous. Nicotine DOES affect the nervous system…the tobacco plant uses this to kill insects. However, I learned that the “poison is in the dose”…take in too much water and it will kill you, too…yet you need water to live, right? I’m not saying in the least that anyone needs nicotine to live, and I’m sure they are correct in stating that it is bad for you, AT SOME LEVEL…they are just taking this business too darned far…you’ve got places banning smoking OUTDOORS! And not because of littering from butts, no its to protect folks from second hand smoke! Simply outrageous hype.

    • Larz Blackman

      Wow. Your lack of logical reasoning is astounding. In fact, everything you said is so confused, that it would take me 10 minutes to sort it out for you, and that’s time I don’t want to lose.

      • Bill

        Larz: John Wayne chain smoked and lived to be 77. He was obviosuly around 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th hand smoke. James Fixx ran marathons all the time and died much younger. Pete Maravich played basketball all the time and he died younger. Cigarette Smoke is not necessarily the most evil thing in the world.

        It ceratinly doesn’t take me 10 minutes to figure out Ed Wood’s comments. If it takes you 10 minutes to figure out Ed’s comments then it is no wonder that you are led like a sheep by the media promoting this story. BAAAAAAAAAAAAA

      • ted marple

        he’s right and you can’t think of a rebuttal

      • kimmy

        what’s the life expectancy of us boomers ? Most adults smoked when I was growing up. We should all be dying in our thirties, maybe forties, I would think. FYI, I don’t smoke- I can’t stand the smell of it and I’m sick of renting apts. / condos where tenants are not permitted to smoke inside. so they always congregate outside in noisy groups filling the community air with smoke !!! Keep the smokers inside their “homes”.

      • Bill, No

        John Wayne died at 72, but I know the Duke always enjoyed a good third-hand sniff

    • Ed

      1. By percentage we have the lowest smoking rates ever.
      2. Medical technology has advanced to a level that allows us to detect the diseases/conditions caused by smoking early enough that treatment can be effective.
      3. 400,000 deaths each year are directly attributable to smoking – that’s more than 7 times the number who die on our highways.
      4. While smokers are living longer than ever due to advances in medical technology, their life expectancy is significantly lower than those of non-smokers.

      • Heartland Patriot

        BULL! When they say someone died of smoking related illnesses, all they really do is if the person smoked and they passed on of say, a heart attack, they tie it to the smoking. We don’t know if that person’s family had a history of bad tickers, or if there was another causal factor. Its like the whole more likely to die from a gun thing…when they want to make guns dangerous, they add in all the deaths of criminals by criminals, homeowners, etc. And then they say law abiding firearms owners are now more at risk from their own firearms based on those skewed statistics…its all political and monetary…I’m not saying smoking is good for you, just that the hype is in the stratosphere and its BULL!

      • Observer

        >400,000 deaths each year are directly attributable to smoking < What precisely does this mean? Does it mean 400,000 smokers and at what age do they die? And how much longer would they have lived? I'm sure the 2nd hand smoke fiction is included in this number. Would these people live forever if they didn't die at age 92 from third hand smoke? Can we get a grip here? Statistics don't lie but liars use statistics. Next we'll see a wholly objective "government sponsored study," like the 2nd hand smoke fraud perpetrated by the EPA.

      • C'mon

        Blah blah blah, you really take all the fun out of dying of lung cancer. You build houses on statistical sand

      • Chas

        Are you kidding me? What are we going to do about Diabetes while we’re at it? 233000 deaths per year!!!! Let’s tax the hell out of snacks and fat people too and then tell them they can’t eat in public but we’ll take their tax dollars.

      • cwc

        It depends on your genetics. My grandmother lived till her mid eighties and smoked 60 years. My mother is in her mid seventies and has smoked since she was 16. I don’t ever her about the millions of tons of toxins coming out of cars everyday and causing health issues. Furthermore, none of our dogs have ever died of lung cancer due to second hand smoke.

    • no time for you

      Duh Ed alot less people smoke now!!

    • T.Paine

      ServPro cleaner….think about it

  • Your Neighbor

    Oh, Baloney !

    • Your Neighbor

      (I mean) 3 rd Hand Smoke, is Baloney.

      • HeckSpawn

        No, you’ll only get baloney cancer. But first you have to roll up the baloney and smoke it.

        And baloney is notoriously hard to light…

      • mimmio

        What? Third hand smoke is baloney??? I was raised on baloney sandwiches. Does this mean I will get lung cancer????

  • joe

    Probably more wasted stimulus money financed this idiocy.

  • Scudbuster

    Bush’s fault.
    It’s Kalifory don’t ya now.

  • Aqua Budda

    What about fifth hand smoke?

    Seeing someone on TV smoke a cigarette can be deadly!

    • I get it

      ha ha yes they now won’t show someone smoke in the movies. Only someone who is ready to light up once in awhile and then get the lecture and throw it down. They show people taking drugs though, snorting coke, heroin and pot and the rest. They show sex and extream violence and that is okay. but don’t show a cigarette.
      Give me a break.
      Control freeks make money on this.

    • Bob

      I once THOUGHT about seeing someone on TV with a cigarette. I think I may have lung cancer.

      • jaom651946

        @Bob That is the funniest comment on this page Bob!! You are a “RIOT”!!! Please don’t be defensive about “a riot”? In my younger days and times that means/meant? You are a BLAST to both mean “VERY FUNNY!!!

      • Jim M

        I forgot to mention. Be sure to only eat your medical marijuana.

      • Jim M

        You’re suffering from post traumatic smoker syndrome. Sue the TV producer. Also sue the drug company who produces the anti anxiety drugs you will soon be prescribed. What the heck, sue George Bush too. He’s probably a friend of the Marlboro cowboy.

  • Susan

    Shouldn’t these “scientists” be devoting their valuable time to trying to resurrect the global warming scam?

  • FlyTom

    They have been wanting to control what you do in your own home for a long time. This is just greasing the skids. The larger government becomes the more it strives to become larger. You will begin to see government funding of these types of political agendas masked as “studies”. And the “data” they manufacture will be used to claim more control over the public. This is the same template used for the global warming hoax.

    • Skeptical

      You’re right FlyTom. They get data on nicotine levels from non-smoking families who live in the cleaned up apartments formerly occupied by smokers. Who says those family members are not exposed to nicotine elsewhere, that they don’t have family members or friends that smoke. This is just so bogus. And I bow to no one in my dislike of smoking/the odor of cigarettes, and have lost loved ones to lung cancer, as well. But I’ve also seen relatives smoke like chimneys and live to be 90.

      Once they’ve eradicated third-hand smoke from our lives, will they outlaw fireplaces or barbecue grills?

    • We the Sheeple

      Global warming a hoax? Are you saying I painted the roof of my house white for nothing?

  • Fvck off

    This is the dumbest article ever!

  • tbrad01

    Oh my god!Me and my family stayed at hotel that was a smoking room!!!I am calling the doctor now and setting up cancer screenings now for everyone.I am very scared for my pets now as I may have brought carcinogens home and poisoned my pets,I better call the vet too just to be safe.

    • Edgy Old Dude

      Actually you need to call your lawyer. Isn’t that what this is all about?

  • nonsmoker chemist

    Bull Sh…nicotine has a boiling point of about 247 deg C. It’s not going to come out of walls through a coat of paint.

    Why don’t these guys do something really useful like prove that “medical” pot is a danger to society.

    • Common Sense Experience

      The ambient temperature need not be above a compound’s boiling point for it to bleed through paint. ANY water-soluble compound is likely to bleed though. If you’ve done any painting with latex paints, you know that stains come right through. ANd putting more coats of paint on doesn’t help, as the compounds re-dissolve and come through the latest layer. I’ve washed tobacco-stained walls multiple times before painting and still found it wasn’t all gone or covered up.

      All you have to think about is the nicotine in the urine of the children to realize they shouldn’t be forced to be consumers of this toxin.

      • Pappy Knows Best

        A simple fix: “Oil Based Paint.”

    • James Stutsman


  • LibsAreCommies

    More Leftist “science” designed to further an agenda… Ho-hum…

    • Red Man

      “Conservatives are Nazis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JWS

        Everybody that disagrees with non-thinkers like you is a nazi.

      • lara

        Red man, why do youbelittle yourself with childish statemente? The Nazi part died more than fifty years agao, They killed millions of people. Really , is this the best you have? Rookie, go home and tell you mommuy you need a nap and have no manners at all. Maybe she will send you to kindergaden to learn proper manners.

      • ed w

        Red Man: You’re a dunce for your comment!

      • mkde

        Nazis were socialist you dope and therefor far more like liberals than conservatives. Stupid libs are a joke just like Nazis they want the government to run everything and everybody.

      • reed13

        In point of fact Nazi’s were National Socialists – who believed in a strong centralized government with a managed economy. They were also racial supremists.

        From Wikipedia (w/reference note): “They declared support for a nationalist form of socialism that was to provide for the Aryan race and the German nation: economic security, social welfare programs for workers, a just wage, honour for workers’ importance to the nation, and protection from capitalist exploitation.[18].”

        This sounds more like today’s hard union leftist stance than a U.S. conservative one.

        True U.S. conservatives believe in smaller government and less governmental control. In addition, the republican party was the party of Lincoln and supportive of desegregation when the south was largely in Democratic hands in the 60’s.

        So overall your equation does not compute.

      • Huh?

        @reed13, I agree with some of what you say, but your description of “true US conservatives”, as believers of smaller government and less government control, is problematic. Firstly, the War on Drugs, arguably a conservative movement, has hugely expanded the role of the federal government in our everyday lives, cost society untold billions, and resulted in hundreds of thousands of violent deaths. Further, the military industrial complex, finding its main support in conservative circles, is also a moneypit into which trillions are poured every year – all in the name of keeping the country safe but which has acheived the reverse.

        Along with your reference to Lincoln, who ignored the constitution and drastically increased the role of the federal government in the lives of the individual, these conservative items are really just big-government movements implemented under false pretexts of security and moral indignance. We can see in both liberal and conservative lawmakers a concerted effort to undermine the constitution and expand the scope and breadth of government. Whether you call it a creature of socialism or fascism or conservatism or liberalism, if it has its boot on your neck and is robbing and enslaving you, what difference does it make what you call it?

  • California Researchers Raise Concerns About ‘Thirdhand Smoke’ « CBS San Francisco « News Listings

    […] California Researchers Raise Concerns About ‘Thirdhand Smoke’ « CBS San Francisco. […]

  • Smoker

    These damn people in Cali need to leave us alone and go stuff burning charcoal in their pants.

  • Airdoc

    I’m going to sue CBS, I just got sick from looking at the picture of the lit cigarette!! This is just more an agenda from the anti-smoking crowd.

  • really

    Nocotine is a natural product of our brain. Our body produces it, so I’m sure sitting on your couch at night in a home previously owned by a smoker won’t do anything. Just one more news article meant to scare stupid people.

    • Em1111

      Nicotine is not produced by your brain. Where did you ever get such an idea? Tobacco company propaganda perhaps?

  • justavoter

    Our president, has spent more money than all the presidents before him combined and these people are complaining about third hand smoke. Do these people have a life at all? If the apartment was covered in smoke, then why did the woman rent it to begin with? If it was as bad as she claims when she inspected the apartment why would she rent it. Once she painted the apartment there is no way the smoke could came through the paint unless she had no clue what she was doing. Everybody knows you prime before you paint. Only a paranoid liberal democrat could think of something so far fetched as this. I think the biggest impact to our country is how these people are always looking for something to sue to make a buck off hard working people.

  • frosteetoes

    This is bulls*it! There is no hard science to back up any of this. Liberal colleges? Oh yeah, THEY don’t have an agenda.(sarcasm) There are more carcinogens in a non smoking climate controlled room than in your home with a smoker. And ask any baby boomer who grew up during the 1950’s and 60’s if their parents who smoked caused them health problems.

  • tpgow

    Agin they use children as their base. How come nobody ever mentions the fumes coming from buses and trucks on city streets. Bloomburg stopped smoking outside in NYC in certain places. It disapates in the air but bus and truck fumes keep coming. WHAT PLANET DO THESE PEOPLE LIVE ON? TOBBACO IS A LEGAL PRODUCT. TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET IF THEY ARE SO CONCERNED. Just another way to extort more money for a product. When are people going to fight back?

  • Cookie

    Junk science at its best. OMG, “found signs of nicotine in the urine of children”, are you serious? If you eat a tomato or eggplant or any other solanaceous plant species you’ve ingested nicotine. How can these people pass themselves off as “scientists”?

  • davenjan

    If this liberal claptrap is true, then the White House will need to be de-contaminated by a hazmat crew due to the fact that Obama is a smoker.

  • JMWinPR

    To my knowledge, no one has yet discovered if “first hand smoke” causes cancer.
    There is certainly a great deal of anecdotal evidence, but that is all. If anyone has better info please post it.

    In one of my earlier smoking cessations, I quit on New Years, I tried the clothes on the following year, of course they didn’t fit, but they did smell of smoke. dry cleaning solved the problem. Same with cars etc, open the windows clean with an OEM recommended cleaner, problem solved. This seems to be a replacement scam for the declining lead paint/asbestos removal folks.

  • Harry Obrian

    Who’s paying these researchers to come up with this stuff? Scare tactics or they’re just trying to create jobs by usurping the ignorance of the general populace. Can’t you just see the ads now “Enroll in SmokeCleaners college and make millions” or will these be more ‘hack’ government jobs??
    So let’s see, the value of your home in Ca is relative to how many people have smoked in it?? Well then what about all the 3rd hand POT smoke that these researchers are obviously being paid to smoke.
    While sunshine may be good for you I believe these Californian socialists are baked.

  • Tax Slave

    Great! A new way to weasel out of a lease!

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