OAKLAND (KCBS) – Bay Area Rapid Transit staff and the agency’s police officers are being trained in the concept of community policing, all part of the ongoing reforms in the wake of the Oscar Grant shooting.

BART officers, staff and members of the community are learning to work together in groups as they are trained by a police captain in Southern California, who is an expert on the concept.

Community policing calls for close contact between officers and the community.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

BART Police Lieutenant Frank Lucarelli said there’s no reason it can’t be adopted for a public transit system.

“I hope that we get a good foundation and an idea of what community-oriented policing is,” Lucarelli said. “From there, it’s incumbent upon our leaders here in the organization and our supervisors to take it one step forward and to really adopt some tactics and strategies to deal with crime prevention and fear of crime.”

Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a BART officer on New Year’s Day, 2009, changing the way the transit agency does police business.

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Comments (3)
  1. Gone West says:

    Shouldn’t even need police/security on public transit. If people were civil they would all use common sense and common courtesy and ride to where they’re going. Unfortunately we’re plagued by too many rude, crude jerks and, for the safety of the rest of us, “hall monitors” must be employed to try to keep the rabble in check. Don’t come cryin’ if you get a beat down ’cause you’re actin’ like an animal.

  2. Gregory Gavin says:

    This is a joke. Community policing is a nebulous concept at best. This is more of a PR ploy and there is zero relationship to the Oscar Grant office involved shooting.

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