(KCBS) – “What’s next? Who stays and who goes?” John Madden reacts to the headline about the Green Bay Packers in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He says there should be a one week moratorium on talk about the next season to allow the team and fans to enjoy their Super Bowl moment.

Madden says the expected lockout in the NFL-players dispute will affect all teams, including the Super Bowl champs. Not a good time for a labor dispute, he says, as the NFL enjoys unprecedented popularity.

And John reacts to New Orleans coach Sean Payton’s surprising decision to move his family back to Dallas. With the daily demands on NFL coaches, John says it will be hard for Payton to avoid feeling guilty no matter which city he’s in at the time.

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  1. Will Semon says:

    I have always appreciated (and still do, of course) the John Madden tutorial in the mornings. Now, when you greet John it’s ALWAYS, “Hey, good morning , John. Hope the sun is shineing on you and yours today. How was your trip? Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Yeah, we’re all fine.” Then, when time is up it’s, “John will be back tomorrow at 8:15 right here on KCBS” Boom – he’s gone. Now, I guess all of you are ok with that but if it were me I would definitely get in a “Ok, thanks, John. See you later” and then give us the primer for tomorrow. For Christs sake it’s John Madden. You know, I have learned sooo much about something I really love to watch on TV all from your John Madden segments. I never played much football – my thing was rodeo (steer wrestling) and I wouldn’t trade that for anything , but if I thought for one minute that if my son and grandsons and I ever went to a football game and John Madden would say hello to us — well, I believe I’d get out of the recliner and go to that Game!. And I guess he’s what 76? Please, say “goodbye, John” once for me (before we can’t). Thank you. And thanks a million, John.

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