DANVILLE (AP) — The pilot acclaimed for safely landing a plane in New York’s Hudson River has filed a lawsuit over a real estate deal in Northern California.

Chesley Sullenberger and his wife, Lorraine, claim the $935,000 they paid for a building in the city of Paradise in 2002 was well above its market value. They accuse bank officials and the real estate broker of overinflating the price.

The suit seeks a nullification of the original loan and reimbursement for alleged overpayments. A trial is set for September if mediation talks fail.

The real estate broker, Cherie Huillade, tells the Press Democrat of Santa Rosa the property’s appraisal was accurate.

Sullenberger became a hero after safely ditching a jet carrying 155 people in the waters off Manhattan in January 2009.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ron Veldan says:

    Seriously? What a scam. Everyone got hurt in this real estate deal. Before you sign any papers, you do your due diligence and look at the house, look at the other home values in the neighborhood, and then sign. So what if you overpaid. Once you sign, there’s no getting out of it. He’s trying to save some money by getting out of the house through a technicality. I hope he doesn’t. Think “Personal Responsibility”. Everyone wants an easy way out of some real estate they bought. Guess what, every investment is risky. Had this home been appraised today at 1.5 million, I seriously doubt he would be suing.

  2. Frank Novak says:

    I have to believe there is more to the story than this. It seems like there is some kind of fraudulent actions here by the broker. Sullenberger has character and I think we’ll need to see what the courts have to say. Would it be too far fetched to think a bank could be capable of unethical behavior??? PLEASE! Pick up the Wall Street Journal!

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