No Charges Against Oakland Police Officers Who Killed Unarmed Man

OAKLAND (BCN) – The Alameda County district attorney has decided not to press any charges against the two Oakland police officers who shot and killed an unarmed man last November.

Nellie Jones, the mother of 37-year-old Derrick Jones, says District Attorney Nancy O’Malley told her Tuesday morning that there wasn’t enough evidence to charges the officers.

“She said ‘not at this time;’ they need more evidence,” said Jones.

Derrick Jones was shot November 8th during a police foot chase after he reached into his waistband. Officers told investigators they thought he was going for a weapon, but no weapon was found, only a small, metallic electronic scale.

Nellie Jones told KCBS that this isn’t the end of the case. Published reports indicate the family has contacted a lawyer.

“We’ll take it a step further,” said Jones. “We won’t stop here. We’ll never stop here.”

A spokeswoman for the district attorney says they have no comment on the case at this time.

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  • Bloodhounds

    Unharmed? The guy’s dead and there isn’t enough evidence? Oh my GOD! I hope the family got Burris as their lawyer. Talk about racism!

  • jim Gordon

    cop execution without any weapons or danger, the man was running away and not approaching the police. They could have shot at his leg! Another cover up!

  • Himmy O

    file Wrongful death claim
    against City of Oakland, Police Department and
    LEO who killed with OPD guns!

  • 10-4

    Give me a break! He was guilty and trying to flee from his crime of drug. Just another dirtbag dead and one less mofo to support in jail! GOOD JOB OPD! Job well done!

  • DaPoPoMan

    No amount of argument will convince the first 3 posters they are wrong. Bottom line is do not run from the police and do not pull something out of your waistband. As for simply shooting someone in the leg, you need to watch TV less. Police are trained to shoot for the biggest target which is the torso. Most of the time officers only hit about 20% of the time anyway. Once again you condone the criminal actions of the individual, instead of him being a normal law abiding citizen. Instead he was selling drugs, that’s what those scales are for. Its not like hes using it to weigh his own dope.

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  • Mike Hill

    Hey John … AKA “DaPoPoMan”, why are you commenting on this story? It has nothing to do with your specialty, Mall security. Get off your computer and get back to the mall, someone needs help finding their car.

    Ps: Lisa says to tell you hello.

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