SAN JOSE (CBS 5) – A 2-year-old San Jose boy has all of his fingers and thumbs after helped get him out of a tight spot.

Caleb Colmenero got his hand stuck in the bed of his father’s pickup Tuesday. His dad tried using dish soap to free him, but ended up calling for backup.

“His arm was up to his elbow,” said Daniel Colmenero. “I thought he was trying to pull out a toy. I told him to drop the toy and he said ‘no I can’t take it out.’”

Firefighters responded with some heavy-duty equipment that helped get the job done.

“Our truck company carries a lot of tools and equipment and they grabbed a saws-all,” said Chuck Rangel of the San Jose Fire department. “They ended up sawing through the truck bed.”

Caleb and his finger were still attached to a piece of the truck bed when they arrived at the hospital. Firefighters used a saw in the operating room to help finish the delicate rob of removing the boy.

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Comments (5)
  1. Jimmy says:

    Hello proof reading, I can’t believe such poor grammar made it online. I am thrilled the boy is all right, it would be nice if I wasn’t distracted by such poor grammar trying to figure things out.

  2. dan says:

    If my kid ends up in the emergency room with part of a truck on his finger, would someone PLEASE use a BOLT CUTTER instead of a sawsall to remove the metal…

    Thanks for your anticipated co-operation in the future.

  3. Janice says:

    This happened to my son thirty years ago in West San Jose. He would have been about the same age as this little guy! He was idling some time away with his dad right there while I grabbed something from the grocery store. It took firemen to come to his rescue as well. It was quite a shock to come out and find a rescue under way. Strangers offered him cookies to keep him distracted. We still have the truck! This is my long overdue thank you to those men. You know who you are! This brings back such vivid images. Will be curious to learn if our son has any recall of this! BTW he became a police officer!

  4. Sick and tired of gang stories says:

    A happy ending and good news story for once instead of reading about gangs.

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