SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The female condom: it’s not just for women. That’s the the idea behind a new marketing campaign launched in San Francisco Monday, targeting gay men.

The San Francisco Public Health Department hoped to convince gay men to give the “female condom” a try. The campaign was created in an effort to reduce HIV transmission among that population.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

The female condom has been redesigned and is supposed to be thinner and more sensitive. They are going to be widely distributed, for free, under the name of FC2 – an acronym created because of the number of gay men who reported not liking the idea of using a product designed for women.

“The whole thing with the new marketing campaign the Department of Public Health is doing is we actually changed that,” explained HIV counselor Katerina du Lac. “We are creating ads that are going to start appearing on buses, billboards, and all over the city to really promote it for everyone.”

“It’s all about staying negative, it’s all about reaching to populations that are under-served in HIV prevention,” du Lac explained the thinking behind the $100,000 public health marketing campaign. “We are the only city releasing ads across gender, that will serve both heterosexual couples, lesbian couples, gay couples, as well as transgender couples.”

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Comments (2)
  1. Big D says:

    It’s ironic that some people act like women, but refuse to use a product designed for women.

  2. Peaceful says:

    a wonderful iideal. the men use the butt like a vagina. mmmmmmm what will the men think of next. Use female condems, wow amazing these people just want stop. Again they are people. Great that should save lives if they continue to have sex with each other, they might as well protect themselves. God Idea.

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