Albany Students Sickened By Pot Brownies Sold On Campus

ALBANY (CBS 5) – Five Albany public school students appear to have purchased and eaten brownies laced with marijuana while at school.

The brownies were sold on three different dates at two Albany schools. Three children were treated for apparent intoxication on January 31st at Albany Middle School.

While the middle school investigation was underway, the district learned of another student getting sick at Albany High School.

Students at Albany High School said a group of kids who ate the brownies appeared to be seriously altered by the drug’s influence.

“They were some times sleeping, kind of drowsy, and some were talking to themselves. They got immediately sent to the principal’s office,” said one unidentified student.

An investigation has been conducted at both schools, and police have arrested a 17-year-old high school student. Two other students are also under investigation.

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  • Bob

    Why do reporters only comment on the bad things about high schools? Nothing about the academic achievements they’ve accomplished such as Albany High School’s wrestling team recently winning NCS.

    • MaxA


  • Sean Lin

    O.o I’m at AMS, and nobody can eat a brownie, or cookie now without being asked if there are drugs laced in it. It’s surreal.

  • Camilio

    I saw all the news crew today. but I was to lazy to say something…….. lol
    But the weed brownie thing is crazy. I saw some guy puke.

  • ahs senior

    it’s unfortunate that people are getting sick and going to the hospital, especially at the middle school, but the people who consumed these brownies knew they were doing it, and were clearly not being smart about it

  • Joey Sanchez

    Mmm, those brownies sure were finger-lickin good!

  • wow smh

    wow these people are trippen, its ALBANY, everyones a basegod.

  • basegod

    yee basegod he can F my B

  • Emilie Raguso, Albany Patch

    It was actually four different incidents and six students. For the full story, as well as nearly 90 comments from community members, you can visit

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