Contra Costa Police Commander Arrested On Drug Dealing Charges

By Joe Vazquez, CBS 5

CONCORD (CBS 5) — The high-profile commander for the Central Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team – a task force of various police agencies – was arrested Wednesday on 22 felony charges involving alleged drug dealing, authorities told CBS 5.

Special Agent Supervisor Norman Wielsch, a 12-year veteran of the California Department of Justice’s Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, was being held in the Contra Costa County Jail on $660,000 bail following his arrest.

“Allegations are that he was distributing for sales methamphetamine, marijuana and steroids,” said Michelle Gregory, a state DOJ spokesperson.

The specific charges against Wielsch include transportation of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, embezzlement, burglary and conspiracy.

Wielsch was arrested without incident along with 49-year-old Christopher Butler of Concord, Gregory said.

Like Wielsch, Butler is also facing felony counts related to the selling of methamphetamines, marijuana and steroids.

According to a source close to the investigation, Wielsch is accused of taking drugs confiscated by his team and selling them with the help of Butler, who is a private investigator and owner of Butler & Associates of Concord.

Wielsch and Butler were arrested in an undercover sting, according to the source, which began in January after allegations of possible misconduct surfaced.

“There are still going to be follow-up investigations so there may be more charges forthcoming,” said Gregory. “The internal affairs department and the criminal investigation side will both be investigating.”

Wielsch was placed on unpaid leave and would remain so as long as he is in custody, said Gregory. She noted that Butler was believed to be a friend and associate of Wielsch but had no connection to the justice department or the drug task force.

Both men had previously worked for the Antioch Police Dept., but their employment there ended in the late 1990s, said Allan Cantando, Antioch’s interim police chief. He declined to comment further.

The Central Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team, known as CNET, is one of dozens of drug task forces operating throughout the state.

It is run through the state DOJ and is made up of agents from the Pleasant Hill, Martinez, San Ramon, Danville, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg and Clayton police departments as well as the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, the California Highway Patrol, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Contra Costa County Probation Department.

It was unclear who would take command of the team in Wielsch’s absence, Gregory said.

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  • Eric Domejean

    a narc dealing drugs what a surprise

    • jim

      The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

      In the 4 years leading up to 9/11, DoJ and DoD employees where taking bribes from Al Quida.

      There could be overlap between these 2 groups of criminals.

      • Mort

        Typical Bay Area cop … here’s one for your readers Fact- Alameda County Sheriffs Office has a senior female 911 dispatcher who has not only sold Meth, but has used it many times, even while on duty at 911. The department refuses to investigate her because she not only is the live in girlfriend of the Captain in charge of Internal Affairs, but is also the daughter of the former sheriffs personal secretary. The department also employees a senior male dispatch supervisor who has a criminal history of burglary, smoke pot inside of his car while on duty and the car parked in the parking lot of the dispatch center, and had used Meth , oxycodone, and other drugs also while on duty. ALCO Sheriffs refuses to acknowledge or investigate these allegations because of fear of the negative fallout that may result from the thousands of calls these two dispatchers have been involved in …. a simple voice stress test analyzer will prove it.

      • Tired of Mort

        Curtis…aka Mort….aka all the other names you use to post on every story you can find to try and smear you prior coworkers….give it a rest.

        You were a dispatcher for Alameda County and let go for smoking and using pot. So Kettle…..stop the smoke and mirrors and go about your sad miserable life.

    • will

      Eric Deroian you are…DOJ agent. Don’t be a coward, if you post, use your real name.

  • mary green

    could not happen to two better people

  • Aint no Thang

    He was set up…it was an undercover sting operation.

  • t bemis

    Looks like the TV show “mom PI” is finished. This was Butler’s claim to fame. Glad the truth was uncovered.

  • Billy

    Cops are dirty pigs!!!!

    • Booga

      I agree they do nothing to protect us or prevent crime they make crime happen

    • Lee

      Some cops are dirty, the most are clean. Stop using the word “pig” it’s as offensive as ni**er.

      • 1stAmendment

        Who made you the speech police? Welcome to America. If he wants to make himself look like an idiot by spewing foul and hateful speech, he can.

  • Scott

    Wow, to give up a career for dope. I guess what they say is true. Only dopes do dope!

  • five-oh

    Guys like these give the rest of us a bad name. If you’re on the take, I vote for max sentencing. Quit making the rest of us hardworking guys look shady!

    Sorry Billy, we aren’t all pigs. If you ever get robbed, call a crackhead for help!

  • 2outta3

    Two words…DUMB ASS

  • AndresIniesta

    This usually happens in the third world. Are we there yet?

  • Too funny for words

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, ho, he, he, he, he.

  • mscott

    most cops I know are really weak people. This doesn’t surprise me.

  • joe


  • dbarco

    There is nothing worse than a dirty cop!! Nothin’!!! If he is in fact guilty, give him the max!!!

    • anononahole

      You never know who is a drug dealer or drug user in your town.
      when the neighbors are so busy watching you they should be worried
      about law enforcement!

  • JumpinJackFlash

    These are bad honkys

    • mcd

      Very RACIST..,…we are shot dead if we use the N word as you call it but you N’s can call us honky……..2 way street huh

  • JaneQPublic

    WHY in hell is this guy on PAID administrative leave? He’s still on the take – taking $$ out of taxpayer pockets! He should be on UNPAID leave. If it turns out he is innocent of the charges, THEN he can get whatever pay has accrued. If he’s convicted, do you think he’s going to repay the money he got while in paid leave awaiting trial???? Hell, no!

    • R

      Read again. It says UNPAID leave

    • DaPoPoMan

      Did you take exception to my post that you could not adequately read and comprehend the story? It says he is on UNPAID LEAVE.

    • odie

      Wielsch was placed on unpaid leave and would remain so as long as he is in custody

  • sparkyJay

    JaneQPublic, read it again. It says UNPAID LEAVE.

  • Richard Shirley

    I read unpaid leave.

  • Paul Querubin Fua

    Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  • Bobby Pie

    Let’s see. Probably making 150k a year plus benefits with a 90 to 100% retirement. He won’t lose any of it if he is convicted. Now I wonder if prison time counts as PERS time as well……Hey, maybe the brains in Sac could pass a law saying you lose your pension if your a crook, never mind……they would exempt themselves. Commander, say hello to Bubba for me when you drop the soap.
    I feel sorry for the Honest folks in that guy’s unit, they will be put threw hell. Imagine his greed and ego…what a Donkey

  • El nande

    I think all Antioch cops are bad ! Detective Josh paul Vincelet and his fat little buddy Jimmy W are the Flumunta cheese growing off norms sack !! they all need a looking @ !! BAD COPS GO TO HELL !!

  • JaneQPublic

    Report seems to have been corrected. Original CBS report said “PAID leave”. I am glad to hear that is NOT the case.

    • mcd

      And we know they wouldn’t lie to us about him REALLY being paid…..they NEVER lie…..

  • Watcher

    Was it possible to wait for a longer period of time, to see if & how high the illegal enterprise was going? How high in the drug strata? Was Concord the only area effected? Can the arrested personnel recieve prison time in Leavenworth?

  • Taxpayer

    Stop wasting my tax dollars on the drug war! Wielsch is now a victim of his own greed, life and carreer ruined, sitting in jail, an embarrassment to all LEO’s. Prohibition is a failed policy and simply creates jobs for criminal dealers. I notice the Mexican cartels aren’t smuggling beer and wine into the US.

  • Bobby Pie

    It would be nice if the Feds took the case over, they love to hose cops over and the Feds don’t give you an early release for good behavior. You do full time. It should be a fun time when he meets his fellow Drug Lords in Prison. A man needs to know his own limitations. Do you feel lucky, well do you punk ?

  • mcd

    I am soooo glad my daughter are grown….I wonder who a person tells their children to trust nowadays…….A priest will rape little boys, cops will sell them drugs, judges are as crooked as a dogs hind leg, hmmmmmmmmmm……..I guess NOBODY

    • prospector

      Well said mcd. The problem with law enforcement is there lack of community involvement. I grew up with officers who stopped at the playgrounds and interacted with kids. You don’t see that now.
      The whole priest/rape/religion is another story. careful what you teach your kids.

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