(KCBS) – Cal is scheduled to play Presbyterian College of Clinton South Carolina on Sept. 17 at AT&T Park. John Madden is at first confused and then stunned about this.

John also talks about the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, about how he talks ‘stupid’ to his dog Yogi and how dogs don’t watch dogs on TV.

He then talks about Albert Pujols’ contract stalemate with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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  1. Jack Wheeler says:

    Hi John,
    I have a Yorkshire Terrier (Stanford) 8 years old. He not only watches dogs on TV when he sees a dog on TV he barks, jumps from the couch or chair and places his front paws against the wall beneath the TV, continues to bark and jumps up and down at the dog/s on the TV.
    He also barks at dog commercials, horses and other animals on TV. We cannot watch the Westminster dog show in his presence because he will bark the entire time at the dogs.
    He watches TV like a human never missing a second of a program or sporting event we are watching.

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