Not Guilty Plea In Union City Toddler Sex Assault; Psych Exam Ordered

FREMONT  (AP) — A judge has ordered a Union City man charged with sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a Dollar Tree store to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Eugene Ramos, a registered sex offender, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday at the Fremont Hall of Justice to charges including attempted intercourse or sodomy with a child younger than 10.

Judge Dennis McLaughlin suspended criminal proceedings and ordered him to be evaluated by a doctor after he stopped responding to his attorney, Kristen McCannon, in court. McCannon also expressed concerns about whether Ramos was competent to stand trial.

Police say the 36-year-old Ramos sexually assaulted the toddler in a Union City Dollar Tree store on Dec. 1 while her family was shopping in the next aisle.

Ramos’ next court appearance is scheduled for March 25.

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  • Gordon Loretta

    This is sick and just as sick as he is… my question is why was this 2 year old not in the custody of her family while shopping…. Dollar Store is not a supervised playground.

    • Valigator

      Dont you think “Gordon” that the more appropiate question is why was this freak allowed to be let loose to troll for our kids in the first place?
      We will never get a handle on rape and child abuse with defenders of them like yourself..

  • Damian

    Nobody is “defending” this perv Val. This freak deserves the max. All Gordon is saying, is the same message you preach- Parents, watch your children. Isn’t that what parents are for? Or are you implying children should just roam freely? No amount of legislation will ever “stamp out” sexual offenses, nor can the government be relied on to “babysit” your kids. Parents: the likelyhood of your child being molested, raped or abducted goes down dramatically when you pay attention and supervise your kids.

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