SAN FRANCISCO (BCN/AP) – A San Francisco supervisor is considering introducing legislation that would require professional dog walkers to obtain a permit to take dogs to city parks.

The plan suggested by Supervisor Scott Wiener on Tuesday comes as federal officials have proposed tightening leash rules on federal parkland in and around San Francisco.

Wiener, who represents San Francisco’s District 8, said he was concerned that the drastic reduction in off-leash space in the national parks would lead to “a corresponding increase in use at neighborhood parks” around the city.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Some dog advocates say regulating professional dog walkers would help ensure they keep their dogs under control and pick up after them.

The park service’s proposal is in the middle of a 90-day public

comment period that ends April 14, and Wiener said his hearing would likely be held in the next month or two while the proposal is still receiving public comment.

The park service is holding three hearings of its own on the issue in March. The first hearing is scheduled for March 2 at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley, followed by ones on March 5 at San Francisco State University’s Seven Hills Center and March 7 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

More information on the National Park Service’s proposal is available at

Comments (3)
  1. curious says:

    What will it be next??? Permits for people walkers. Focus on REAL issues!!! AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY SO MANY CITIES ARE GOING BROKE! !!

  2. Big G says:

    This is what you get when you let liberals run freely. You would think that with a tag as liberal, you would want less Gov’t interference. Yet this is all they can come up with on a daily basis. Whatever happened to making sure the streets were clean & that we have enough police & fireman. Yet we pay these clowns 95,000 a year give or take & this is all they can come up with, prying into people’s lives!!!

  3. Dave says:

    Hey I have an idea , how about a permit for fitness trainers that gather large groups of people to exercise at the parks and beaches…please where does this end.
    A professional dog walker already has a business license , bonded , insured………the list goes on.

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