By Joe Vazquez, CBS 5

WALNUT CREEK (CBS 5) — A Walnut Creek police officer has been arrested for having sex with an underage girl, according to authorities.

Officer Shawn Wallace was arrested February 3rd and was booked into the Contra Costa County jail in Martinez on a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor between the ages of 16 and 18 without force, according to Gene Greenwald, Chief of Inspections with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office.

Officer Wallace is now free after posting bail.

Wallace also was booked on two other charges:  oral copulation with a person under 18 without force and dissuading a witness.

“He is accused of discouraging the witness from cooperating with authorities,” Greenwald said.

Greenwald said he could not elaborate on the circumstances of the crime or the victim’s age.

Walnut Creek Police Chief Joel Bryden said Officer Wallace was a patrol officer at the time of the alleged incident, but that he resigned from the police department on February 3rd, just before his arrest.

He said Wallace was in law enforcement for 20 years.

Chief Bryden said he hoped the arrest would not reflect poorly on his department.

“We uphold the highest standards and we have an excellent police department,” said Bryden, who called the arrest “discouraging.”

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Comments (31)
  1. Dawg says:

    Risk everything just for some young n00kie, what a looser.

    1. Jay says:

      He’s a police officer. He assumes (like most police officers) that he’s above the law.

    2. bayarea says:

      i actually used to be very good frends with the girl thats living with him;
      this is a cry for help if she is sleeping with him as long as ive known her she knows its wrong…
      yes some people started having sex @ 16 and 17 but Hes old enough to be her father..
      Something shes never really had
      & him as a police officer SHOULD know the effects of an abused girl with an absent father…
      This Society is disgusting trying to justify him living with a minor and having sex with her. Hes a grown man and should not only realize the consequences of his actions but how much that is going to impact her…
      I am telling you right now I am not much older than her and I have had sex but not with someone my fathers age.
      She doesn’t know what shes doing, your brain doesn’t finish developing til your 25!!!!!!
      If anything they both need therapy.

  2. Oral Roberts says:

    Can’t wait to hear his attorney’s oral arguments…the mind is strong but the flesh is week…

  3. popo says:

    Did she llie about her age? girls do that you know

  4. oliver says:

    Tell the whole news story. She is 17 and lives w/ the guy and still does.

  5. Lee White says:

    Can he retire and still get a six-figure CALPERS pension? I’ll bet his union will fight tooth and nail for it.

  6. rick says:

    whats up with law enforcement? Corruption and greed getting to them?

  7. Fred says:

    Tell the whole news story. She is 17 and lives w/ the guy and still does.

    SURE — the PD allows this after he was arrested ot it…give me a break

  8. curious says:

    I get really tired of reading of a cop that is corrupt . Then I have to read others bad mouth ALL police officers. I’m married to a wonderful man who is a wonderful police officer, who cares for his community & loves the city & job he is blessed to have.

  9. Brian T Maher says:

    this girl must have had an irresistable donut!

  10. oliver says:

    I was typing fast. I meant wait for the whole news story. I won’t judge til I hear it all. I meant what if she is 17 and living w/ him and he is slightly older did she lie about her age? And did you have sex @ 16 or 17 when you were that age. I did, should my parents call the pd when I was 17 and my significant other was 19??

  11. Tom Kehoe says:

    This guy will get off. We all know that police are above the law (as are politicians and judges).

    1. BLUE says:

      still dieselin’ over that parking ticket, huh? Let it G0

  12. Ruben says:

    Serve and protect is more like enforce and collect…sad news indeed.

  13. nash says:

    wait & see. This guy will get a way with this

    Oh, yeah a fat pension too !!!!

  14. FRED says:


    1. Al Smith says:


  15. Larry says:

    Guess he will now be ex-Walnut Creek Officer

  16. DaPoPoMan says:

    It is so nice to see everyone who hates police popping in here. Let me ask you a question – aside from receiving a traffic citation, have any of you had interactions with law enforcement? If so, did you do something to get yourself arrested? From all the negative comments it seems we should just disband all law enforcement and let everyone fend for themselves. Would everyone like that? Would you really like it to be might makes right?

    Rick asked a good, though somewhat sarcastic question. We recruit from the human race. Even with all the screening and testing that goes on prior to being hired, we are still people. As people police are subject to all the same emotions, frailties, and flaws as anyone else. As an upstanding law enforcement officer who knows I am not above the law, basically adheres to the vehicle code (far better than most drivers) and who is not corrupt all I can do is apologize for their behaviors and/or crimes.

    Every time I read one of these stories it just makes me cringe. We see so many of them that I must admit even I am becoming jaded to the point of believing we have more bad cops than good ones. But then I look at the ones I work with day in and day out and who I see working hard and doing a good job for the communities they serve and realize that, as with everyone else there are far more good ones than there are bad ones.

    1. Mike Hill says:

      You’re a Mall Secutity Guard. You have no business commenting about a Police story. Give it up Mike (aka Da PooPooMan). The gig us up. See you at work at 10 at SunValley.

  17. RM FULLER says:

    overblown and derogatory comments aside, men and women will continue to do “dumb” things over sex and money…………………be they politician,priest or police!

  18. don herbelin says:

    if it isn’t broken; don’t fix it—two sides to every story,
    sad situation to a frail man–color of authority.

  19. JumpinJackFlash says:

    Another bad honky.

  20. Roxanne says:

    canyou say child molester… who else has he aboused

  21. Tell the truth says:

    The guy is old enough to be her father. 20 years on the force and to think this is his first adventure. There is no excuse for this predator.

  22. Jonny Joe says:

    Let’s face it ! Not that he is corrupt, rather he has some very serious mental issues going on ! He protected her ?? One thing is one thing, but to take her into his house ?? ” Somtimes a man must take things into his own hands/hand, to remedy the urge !

  23. Unbelievable says:

    The police in the walnut creek lamorinda area are extremely corrupt, if you ask me, the entire department should be replaced.

    They rape children and deal drugs, they’re the police for christs sake!

  24. Natalia Szarmach says:

    I knew that guy…he was my Character Counts teacher….in 5th grade….

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