SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — San Francisco is accusing six smoke shops of selling illicit drug paraphernalia used for cocaine, crack and methamphetamine.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed civil suits on Thursday against the shops, which are in the Excelsior and Mission districts. Herrera says they have continued to sell glass pipes used to smoke crack and methamphetamine despite repeated warnings by police.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The suit accuses the shops of maintaining a public nuisance and committing unlawful business practices.

If found guilty, the shops could face $2,500 fines for each violation. Herrera, who is running for mayor, says authorities will investigate other smoke shops and could file additional lawsuits.

Owners of four of the shops tell the San Francisco Chronicle they sold the pipes in the past without knowing what they would be used for. They say they no longer sell them.

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  1. Big G says:

    This is just another stunt by Herrera to get his run for Mayor jump started. Its not a remedy for the crack empidemic, its a waste of taxpayer time & money> Most of the crackheads can’t even affor to buy a nice pipe & make there own. If he wanted my vote for Mayor, how about coming up with something that might end the crack epidemic!!!!

    1. Andrew says:

      @Big G- You should do more research before saying something that’ll bite you back. They said “City Attorney Dennis Herrera filed civil suits on Thursday against the shops, which are in the Excelsior and Mission districts.” There are plenty of other shops in Haight district selling pipes but not these kind. And for the owners of the stores to say they don’t know “what they would be used for” is just a dumb answer. You don’t go into a business selling an unknown product.

    2. The R says:

      Those pipes are super cheap. If they can afford crack they can afford those pipes.

  2. RasterMaster says:

    I like what Herrera did and I don’t think any body thinks this is a remedy. The seller of such is just cappin on an addict. Yes they can get a pipe, at first! I would say he is trying to help and this is a good move.

  3. kyle says:

    Finally a great idea
    Stop the stores from selling the pipes
    This will slow the use of crack
    or wait…

  4. Tours Martel says:

    Well, as long as you folks agree that profiting from human misery, however self-inflicted, is ok, how about selling some child pornography? Where does a society set the limits? If it feels good, do it is not the way to create a city worth having.

    1. Kyle says:

      probably where it is self inflicted.
      child pornography is an terrible example, unless you can explain how that is “self-inflicted”

  5. Mel says:

    Big G apparently doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If you go to a smoke shop in downtown SF to buy cigarettes, chances are you might see a very obvious drug addict buying a very inexpensive glass pipe. Everyone knows nobody is smoking tobacco or even pot out of those and if they didn’t sell they, wouldn’t carry them. These pipes are glass and the bowl part is round with a much smaller opening at the top than the tobacco and pot pipes. They are obvious crack pipes and the people selling them know damn well that’s what they are.

    1. Andrew says:

      @ Mel, that is correct and I agree with you. Apparently Big G doesn’t have enough knowledge to know the difference.

  6. SF Chica says:

    Oh Please… Stopping stores from selling glass pipes isn’t going to stop or lessen people from smoking crack they will just find other means. I agree with Big G, this is waste of taxpayer time & money. Let’s ban bars cuz they serve alcohol and they are just “cappin” on alcoholics, let’s ban cigarettes cuz, they are just “cappin” on cigarette smokers. let’s just ban chocolate cuz they are “cappin” on food addicts. Choices, choices, education, education…

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