SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Sacramento County authorities have arrested two men they say fatally shot a man and two teenage boys as they rode their bicycles through a Sacramento suburb earlier this week.

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that sheriff’s officials arrested 20-year-old Francisco Ignacio Delgado and 24-year-old Juan Isidoro Aucencio at their homes early Saturday.

Investigators don’t know what sparked the shooting, but say the two suspects gunned down 20-year-old Robert Corpos, 16-year-old Richard Ward and 15-year-old Jamir Miller as they rode their bicycles in Rancho Cordova Sunday afternoon.

Corpos died at the scene, while the two teens died after being taken to a hospital.

Investigators don’t know what sparked the shooting, but sheriff’s spokesman Jason Ramos says Corpos has been identified as a member of a gang.

It’s not known if the two suspects had retained attorneys.

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Comments (6)
  1. Philip Scharfy says:

    Isn’tbeing a sanctuary state really keene!

  2. Zombie says:

    Sent them all illegals back!!!!

    1. James Donnel says:

      Where does it say anything about them being illegal? Also, learn to spell. The US should send you back. You obviously did not learn English when you arrived here.

  3. Lalala says:

    These 2 men have destroyed so many lives and devastated a community! They dont deserve to go back to mexico! Thats too easy! I hope the spend the rest of thier lives in prison! They will never know what.pain thier actions have caused so many people! They took my heart from me and for that I want justice and I personally will make sure justice is served! These werent gang members nor were they bad kids….they were just tjat kids

  4. Zack Debarco says:

    I hear a carton of cigarettes in prison will make sure your wishes are fullfilled.
    Sounds like a bad case of MACHISMO disease.

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