SAN JOSE (CBS/AP) — The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that despite revelations that its records did not provide complete details of its natural gas pipeline that exploded in San Bruno last fall, officials at Pacific Gas & Electric Co. say they would not have monitored the pipeline any differently.

PG&E spokesman Joe Molica told the newspaper that even if its records had shown a welded seam, no changes would have been made in how the utility keeps track of the pipeline.

PG&E officials say federal regulations establish the same guidelines for pipes with seams and seamless pipes.

Federal investigators have determined that the blast, which killed eight people and left dozens of homes uninhabitable, originated at a poorly installed weld on the seam.

Several pipeline safety experts have questioned why the utility was unable to identify and repair shoddy welds along the stretch of the 54-year-old pipe.

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  1. RealityCheck says:

    “Several pipeline safety experts have questioned why the utility was unable to identify and repair shoddy welds along the stretch of the 54-year-old pipe.”

    I will tell you why. Because PG&E does not care. They ran that pipeline and several others well beyond the recommended pressures, because they are greedy. Whoever authorized those lines to be run at the higher pressures should be charged with criminal negligence resulting in 8 deaths.

    So PG&E claims they did not know the pipeline was not ‘seamless’, really? Then your record keeping really needs to be questioned because I do not believe you! Now you want to foist the costs to the consumer? YOU BLEW UP A NEIGHBORHOOD AND KILLED 8 PEOPLE!!!! WHY THE HELL SHOULD CONSUMERS PAY FOR THOSE COSTS!!!!!!

  2. Not from WestMarin says:

    You are a tool.

    Greedy? How high do you think your PGE bill would be if every foot of every pipe were inspected every year.

    How much did PGE stock go up? Were they outrageously beating the stock market? Did they post more than a modest divedend? Exactly how much better did PGE do against the investments made by hundres of thousands of investors? Would that money have been better off in some other investment. PGE is not Mr. Burns. It is mostly held by many teacher, police, and union retirement funds. It is held by other equally hard working people trying to get to retirement sometime soon. It is made up of people that are working hard for you….a tool.

    Quit acting like you know what you are talking about. If you want to be of help, get a degree in some kind of science or electrical engineering and offer your ‘expert’ services for a modest wage so that the people that work for the company, the investors, and the customers can benefit a little bit more than they do from your reactionary and incendiary drivel.

    Or perhaps you could work for the CPUC to help better keep track of PGE and it’s processes. Or maybe you could be a fireman and be ready to help people when something goes wrong.

    For God sakes, do anything but post anymore comments.

    1. James Donnel says:

      Westmarin, you are a tool. Public safety must be priority #1. You rail about how investors would lose money if pge was required to inspect pipes. You are a tool. Only a fool would allow a company to run amuck without oversight. Peoples lives come before profit. If the explosion happened under your home, would you say “that’s ok, at least pge stock is still valued high.” (no, you wouldn’t). You and the other tools in your tool box would be the 1st to yell about a lack of inspection. Oversight keeps people safe. Airplanes, trains, medication, food and electricity and gas are checked for safety to protect people from greedy tools like yourself. How dare you criticize others. America was founded by the people, for the people. Not corporate profits.

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