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Downtown San Francisco May See Rare Snowfall

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / AP) — Downtown San Francisco may see its first snowfall in more than 30 years this week.

The National Weather Service said a weather system bearing down on Bay Area will bring cold temperatures and precipitation later this week.

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Showers are expected to begin on Thursday and continue through Friday, with a chance of showers on Saturday as well.

Forecasters said temperatures in the Bay Area will drop into the 30s on Friday and Saturday nights.

That likely means snow at higher elevations and could even bring snow to downtown San Francisco.

It hasn’t snowed in downtown San Francisco since 1976, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Austin Cross.

The Bay Area has already seen snow on some of its mountain peaks after a storm last week.

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  • Bloodhounds

    I’m west of Twin Peaks and we had snow about 5 or 6 years ago. I have pictures of it on my deck.

  • SF gurl

    I saw snow falling in Union Square in December about 16 years ago …

    • KBKBKB

      That was December, 1998. I remember it snowed briefly for about 10 minutes in the early afternoon when I was living near Dolores Park.

  • Bebe

    Wow ! great, i’m not going anywhere this weekend. I wanna c the snowfalls in my backyard :)

  • Dante

    It will it snow in our city, in Pittsburg?

  • Carmen Davis

    I remember the snow in 1976. My last year in high school. As the snow was coming down, students gathered in the football field and had snowball fights. It was a great memory. security had to come out in force and get students back into the classroom. What a great day!! Snow in San Francisco!!

  • david

    when i lived in San francisco back in the 90’s i was driving bus and was at golden gate farry when it snowed a little bit just enough to make a small snowball and being from upstate ny it was i good thing some of back home. i know there was news footage of it and i think it was channel 5. I have it on a vcr tape will have to find that tape tonight.

  • Jo

    I remember that!

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  • Donna

    I lived in SF in 76, was driving a school bus. I remember cars sliding sideways down the hills in Potrero….more than a flurry!

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  • Lombard

    Imagine skiing down the world’s most crooked street. Can’t wait for the fun to begin :)

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