Police Standoff In Vallejo With Shooting Suspect

VALLEJO (CBS 5) — Police were engaged in an armed standoff Tuesday evening with a shooting suspect in a Vallejo neighborhood.

A police SWAT team surrounded the home at 321 Catalina in Vallejo where the suspect was holed up.

Authorities said the suspect inside was armed with a shotgun.

The man was wanted on an outstanding warrant from Richmond for a shooting that occured there, police said.

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  • CeeFree

    I live down the street and am still blocked off from returning to my home. Police have told us that the suspect surrendered peacefully and we should be able to get back to our homes shortly.

  • Zack Debarco

    Channel 5 just does not get it. Posting such clear video of where the police officers are is dangerous to their personal safety. When will the news media get a hint that their actions are endangering liives.

  • HP1

    I think they only posted the video after he surrendered, since you see the police walking around the house and the front door is open.

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