2 San Francisco Men Charged With Poaching Abalone

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Two San Francisco men are facing charges after state wildlife officials say they were caught poaching abalone, including one man who was allegedly caught three times.

California Department of Fish and Game officials say 31-year-old Qiong Wang was caught in possession of abalone and diving equipment three times in February. The season closed Dec. 1.

While searching Wang’s car after a traffic stop by a Mendocino County deputy on Feb. 12, a warden says he found 36 red abalone and diving gear.

Then in his most recent arrest on Feb. 19, wardens say they watched as Wang and his partners kayaked out to collect 55 abalone.

Also arrested on Feb 19. was 28-year-old David Trevors. The two are facing felony conspiracy, take of abalone for commercial purposes and other charges

Officials did not know if either man had retained attorneys.

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  • vala

    These people belongs to prison. If you let them out. They are gonna do it again.

  • cardaddy

    Great resource! How can I bookmark it?

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