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Teen Injured During Attempted Pittsburg Gas Station Break-In

PITTSBURG (BCN) A 16-year-old boy is in the hospital with a fractured skull Wednesday after he fell Tuesday night while allegedly trying to break into a gas station in Pittsburg by crawling through an air duct, Capt. Brian Addington said.

Police received a call around 11:20 p.m. reporting suspicious activity at Eagle Gas in the 3800 block of Railroad Avenue.

The business was closed at the time, and police and firefighters had to force entry into the building, Addington said.

When they got inside, they found the teenager, who was unconscious, stuck in a collapsed air duct. He was transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, where he was treated for a fractured skull and an injured shoulder, Addington said.

He said it appears that the boy had forced open a hatch on the roof of the gas station and was crawling through the air ducts when he broke through and fell.

The boy was arrested on suspicion of burglary.

Addington said police are still trying to determine if anybody else was involved in the attempted burglary.

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  • Cacaman

    America’s Dummest Criminals – need I say more….. LOL!

  • Jim

    Professional writers/editors should know the difference between burglary & robbery, the title of your article suggests not!! One step above “Where’s it at?”

  • mechanic

    CBS 5 news writers are about as dumb as this dufuss kid that got stuck in the chimney, ala Old Saint Nick. I’m sure this guy will make the transition from Burglar to Robber sometime down the road in his already miserable life.

  • sz

    Do you guys not know the difference between robbery and burglary? This is burglary. Not robbery. This is like breaking into an empty house — burglary….

  • Dixie

    I smell a lawsuit.

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