SACRAMENTO (AP) — It’s being called the Walmart of weed: a 10,000-square-foot Sacramento gardening emporium that opens Saturday with how-to experts and merchandise to help medical marijuana patients grow pot.

The cavernous weGrow hydroponics store marketing itself as a retail outlet is the first national franchise for a company that bills itself as a supply and training destination for legal pot growers. In coming months, weGrow plans to open stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon.

The enterprise started in Oakland last year as a warehouse store called iGrow.

Pot isn’t sold or grown at the store. In the past, hydroponics outlets have avoided any mention of marijuana because pot cultivation is illegal under federal law. But hydroponics stores have exploded as states approve medical marijuana use.

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  1. Leonard Krivitsky says:

    Good for them! When we advocate against Cannabis prohibition, we must stress not just the “denial of good” which it entails, such as the remarkable medicinal properties of the plant, its violence-suppressing potential, or its ability to induce calm and relaxed state which is “worlds apart” from the effects of alcohol and many “legal” prescription drugs. Cannabis Prohibition is an unadulterated evil, as it pushes the people to engage in a dangerous substance use, such as the stories with alcoholic caffeinated drinks just explicitly demonstrated. The cruelty and senselessness of the prohibitionists have also been made obvious recently, when an Oklahoma mom received 10-year sentence for $31worth of Cannabis, when the medicinal Cannabis providers and patients continue to be raided and harassed. What more evidence of political piracy can be presented than when the dogmatic “politicos” want to directly trample the Will of Montana voters with respect to Medicinal Cannabis, which Citizens lawfully enacted in their state, or when Las Vegas police and DEA continue to harass the Medicinal Cannabis establishments? To what level of hypocrisy and spiritual degradation can one descend when the medicinal Cannabis patients are persecuted in the city where alcohol abuse and compulsive gambling are rampant?! My only hope in the midst of all this prohibitionist outrage is that its collapse is philosophically inevitable. In particular, when the DEA and its allies blackmail politicians into voting against Medicinal Cannabis, they do so on the basis of an unreal “entity”, the so-called “gateway drug” theory that is fully discredited by now as “half-baked”! How can our so-called “representatives” put important social programs on a “chopping block” because of the “budget crisis”, while these same people waste tens of millions of dollars on the so-called “marijuana enforcement”, opposed by most of this country’s voters! The Cannabis prohibitionists are guilty of crimes against humanity, and they will be called to answer for them sooner or later!

    1. mike s says:

      weGrow, coined the “Walmart of Weed” is opening this weekend in Sacramento leaving behind a failed store in Oakland that had its Grand Reopening just a few short months ago. weGrow Oakland and its founder Dhar Mann are embroiled in a slew of lawsuits, labor disputes and complaints of local corruption. Several suits have been filed by employees and vendors for uncollected paychecks and payments on goods and services received. They have suffered in Oakland due to poor sales and a lack of supply due to alienating themselves from the industry. Dhar himself has made promises to potential franchisees of significant operating revenue and profit all while his own store was suffering and now ultimately shut down. I would encourage anyone doing a story to do their research and search the Alameda County court records for pending suits, mechanic liens on his building, labor disputes and situations of unpaid vendors.

  2. yehayeh ohuiba says:

    Weed keeps you stupid. Continue doing your thing, BRO.

    1. SmartStoner says:

      An obviously dumb statement from someone who knows nothing of cannabis. Weed does not make you or keep keep you stupid, being stupid makes you stupid. Continue believing in fallacy BRO.

      1. bruce spruce says:

        Weed doesn’t make you any smarter. It’s just a waste of time.

  3. You Busy says:

    I wonder if they will have a food court.

  4. pico says:

    Cool, I need some rooting gel…

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