SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5 / KCBS) -– During a pivotal federal court hearing three weeks before his perjury trial is scheduled to start, Barry Bonds again pleaded not guilty and his former personal trainer again vowed to go to prison rather than testify in the case.


KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Bonds, 46, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the latest version of an indictment accusing him of lying before a federal grand jury. Prosecutors revised the charges for the third time since the initial indictment was unsealed in November 2007.

He is now due to go on trial in San Francisco on March 21 on four counts of making false statements and one count of obstruction of justice in 2003 testimony before a grand jury investigating steroid distribution.

Bonds’ legal team and prosecutors have told U.S. District Judge Susan Illston that there is little chance of a plea agreement to avert the trial.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Bonds’ trainer, Greg Anderson, also told Illston that he would again refuse to testify at trial, even if he has to go to jail for contempt of court.

Illston then told Anderson, “You will very likely be ordered into custody until the conclusion of the trial.” Anderson simply nodded his head that he understood.

“He’s taking not testifying to the nth degree,” said Mark Geragos, Anderson’s attorney.

Anderson made a similar pledge in 2009 and spent more than a year in prison on contempt charges before Bonds’ trial was put on hold because of legal wrangling in the case.

The former San Francisco Giants slugger is accused by prosecutors of lying when he said he never knowingly received steroids from Anderson and never received an injection from him.

After Anderson left the courtroom on Tuesday, the lawyers got down to highly technical arguments over what evidence would be presented to the jury.

The judge ruled that the jury may hear, among other pieces of evidence:

  • That prosecutors granted Bonds immunity from prosecution as long he testified truthfully about his drug use before the grand jury.
  • Bonds’ former personal shopper, Cathy Hoskins, testifying about Bonds’ relationship with a Playboy model.
  • Bonds’ personal surgeon, Dr. Arthur Ting, and former girlfriend Kim Bell testifying that Bonds mistreated them, including Bell allegedly witnessing violent outbursts.

Each count against Bonds carries a potential sentence of 10 years in prison. However, federal sentencing guidelines for a first offense on these charges generally call for a total sentence of 15 to 21 months.

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Comments (14)
  1. CHACHA says:


  2. John Thornton says:

    An embarrassment to sports, baseball specifically.

  3. ex fan of the B. says:

    this guy is getting paid a ton of money!, if not then you sir you are an idiot!

  4. ex fan of the B. says:

    how far can you get with 49,50. 60 or more! million dollars! and I’m talking free!. after you go trough this BB? and just in case ; I’m way off! be as the rest of us that not do not have the resources, and pray! and neal down! and ask for forgiveness! cus at the end of the day you know! you will also get to dance with the ripper !! do not get it in your head, that you are the only one in denial(.P.S) you brought lots of fun to S.F. GOD bless you! for that.

  5. Wake UP says:

    More absurdity in this region much less the planet involving govt. nonsense / bullying .. fxxxing selective prosecution. All egos, testosterone on the xxxxing procecutor side … they pricks have far better thigs to do but thier egos, witchhunts continue to bolster their names /scare more humans, whatever … and all of us are paying for showing up / pretending to work and protect high / lofty ideas as they determine. Judge onll one to MOVE this back to oblibvion but guess she likes the publicity as well. Anyone ekse out there capable to run this planet? Sick….

  6. CHACHA says:


  7. mechanic says:

    Does anyone, other than John Thornton, have more than a third grade education.
    Please try to use correct English; or at least use understandable words and punctuation when posting comments. It’s really difficult to determine what many of you are trying to say. I know it’s only “sports talk”, but it really does matter in the big picture.(??)

  8. Vinoman says:

    Throughout the years, players of each decade would take something to enhance their abilities on the field. Weather he is guilty or innocent at this point it’s really looking like a witch hunt. A-rod has had it very easy so far. Let’s see what happens with him in the future.

  9. Wake UP says:

    Mechanic … no time to appease you – just typos, few misplaced words as have other things to do / typing fast ! You can’t deduce my toughts / get the salient points since you passed 3rd grade? Trust these federal goons? Could easily go after you – trump up whatever they want … try to get the big picture vs. dopey sports talk / play grammer teacher. OK?

  10. dave says:

    so how much money is being spent for the prosecution of a case were NO ONE WAS INJURED and there are questionable ‘facts’ of any crime committed?

    this is crazy–a waste of valuable resources on a no-crime case.

    it’s time to just let this one go — the DA missed his chance a decade ago. now we are paying for someones injured egos.

  11. Sal says:

    What a waste of resources. Let it go already. Leave Barry alone.

  12. Barry Tesar says:

    What a waste of time and money! No wonder we don’t have the money to give kids a good education when the Federal government wastes so much of the taxpayer’s money on such foolishness as this. Bonds is the Home-run King, so get over it! He’s also the greatest player I ever saw and I have been watching baseball for 57 years now. I keep hearing the Press (especially KNBR) go on and on about how rude he is, but I have never seen any evidence of it. Maybe if the Press treated him with the common decency that anyone deserves, he might have treated them better. I like Bonds as a person and I know people who know him personally that like him as well. It reminds me of how Muhammad Ali was treated back in the sixties, and we all now know how wrong and unfair that was. Let me add that I am a lifelong Dodger fan, so this isn’t coming from someone who spent years rooting for Bonds. But I trust my judgment in all matters, and my judgment tells me Barry Bonds is a fine person and head and shoulders above the jealous, small-minded people who have spent way too many years harassing him.

  13. mechanic says:

    Thanks for cleaning up the comments enough to make sense out of them for dummies like me. I think I even understood the one from Wake Up. Much better, kids!

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