By Joe Vazquez, CBS 5

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — San Francisco police on Wednesday arrested a man and a woman in connection with the murder of a jewelry store owner in the city’s North beach neighborhood.

SFPD Officer Eric Chiang told CBS 5 that a homeless woman named Tanya Rains, 58, was charged with homicide and burglary. Edward Hawk, 31, was charged only with burglary.

The body of Lyn Frederic Magnuson was found by officers responding to a request for a well-being check around 8 p.m. Tuesday at his business, Lyn F. Magnuson Design Company, located at 2100 Mason Street near Lombard Street, Chiang said.

The arrest of Rains and Hawk came after police said they found evidence linking the pair to the burglary and murder scene, but investigators would not elaborate as to whether that evidence was stolen jewelry.

Chiang said the circumstances of the homicide were complicated and he declined to provide further details.

But SFPD Chief Jeff Godown had told CBS 5 on Tuesday night that the victim died of a gunshot wound.

Magnuson lived at the back of his shop, which opened last December. He was a well-known local artist who had produced handmade jewelry for 40 years.

The homicide was San Francisco’s 17th of the year, almost double the total of nine at this point in 2010, police said.

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Comments (2)
  1. Vinoman says:

    Another senseless trajedy

  2. tina says:

    What in God’s name is happening to this city? I’ll tell you what. The parolee’s get out and where do they land–North Beach. The transients, homeless, drugies and drunks are all walking around North Beach. Funny that there is a Police Station in North Beach. Why don’t the cops start walking around and cleaning up the cespool of garbage. This is becoming very scary. First Katie Horan is killed by a parolle who is living a few blocks away from her. Then, a man and woman who own a purse shop in the whard are murdered and now this poor jewler who is just trying to make a living. All this within 4 months. Come on. SF is way too liberal of a city. We let anyone in. People are going to start walking around with guns if this keeps up. Wake up people—we need protection and fast!!!! RIP Lyn!!!

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