SANTA ROSA (AP) — A 23-year-old Santa Rosa woman is facing drunken driving and child endangerment charges after crashing an SUV that was carrying her three young children.

Christian Galvan and two of her children were ejected from the vehicle. The California Highway Patrol said everyone in the SUV managed to survive Tuesday night’s crash without any life-threatening injuries.

CHP Officer Jonathan Sloat says Galvan apparently had been drinking and arguing with her husband before speeding off with the kids—ages 2, 4 and 6. The Chevy SUV crashed into a guardrail, rolled over and landed in an embankment near the Sonoma County airport.

Sloat says the 2-year-old boy was strapped into the car seat, but the other three were thrown from the SUV. Galvan’s 4-year-old daughter had to be airlifted to the hospital.

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Comments (11)
  1. violet says:

    She is the most disgusting type of person.

  2. Chadster says:

    SHOCKING! An illegal under the age of 25 with 3 kids. Take those kids away and deport your back to mehico or get her BC IMMEDIATLY!!

    1. rangerwarren says:

      Don’t make up hateful stuff

      1. Chadster says:

        rangerwarren, My comment is not hateful. It is the truth so deal with it.

  3. Simi says:

    She was in a rush to get to the free clinic for a pregnancy test. LOSER!

  4. Elizabeth Pate-Morton says:

    Chadster – might want to check your ESL manual for grammar usage before bashing someone else. Where in the article did it say she was illegal?

    1. Chadster says:

      Here name is in the article and her brother works at target. I know his family is illegal. That is how I know.

  5. Chadster says:

    oh by the way, they get food stamps, free health care, low income housing. LEECHES. Her brother is the only one that was born here and he is legal. He works for a living. The rest of his family do not work yet are capable and guess what?? You and I are paying for them sit around and have babies. Oh and we are paying for this lazy mehican to drive around town reckless and endanger others!

  6. Lucy says:

    Regardless if she is illegal or not, she is clearly a danger to others. I hope she is punished to the max. I pray for the little one’s. It is not their fault that mommy is a moron.

  7. Not1tojudge says:

    Wow! People can be so mean. Talk is cheap. Reguardless of their situation and to the person who is bashing them should just walk away from your computer. I know your family has used welfare help before too. You are a sorry piece of a human being. Compassion is what is needed here.
    My prayers to the family, mother included.

  8. Vinoman says:

    Not1tojudge would you be saying that if she hurt someone or if she hurt someone you loved? That is what I call a dumb…ass. They should have a Big “DA” tattooed to her forehead. Have an ankle bracelet with a speaker that says ” This person has been temporarily pulled from the gene pool. Do not procreate with this person because they are a dumb…ass’ ” have it do that everytime someone of the opposite sex comes within 5 feet of them! I live in the valley and see plenty of people out here doing exactly Chadster says. Totally bilking all of us paying our taxes while they collect $ all day long.

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