Blue Shield Freezes San Francisco Public Employee Premiums

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Blue Shield has entered an agreement with the city of San Francisco that will keep insurance premiums for current and retired city employees at their current levels for at least a year, officials said Wednesday.

City government employees will continue to pay $215 a month for family coverage, and individual coverage will remain basically free, thanks to an accountable care partnership between Blue Shield and several large health care providers.

“This initiative is something that we feel passionate about, innovating and changing what we do to bring affordability and access to high quality care,” said Jeff Hermosillo, a vice president at Blue Shield.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The insurer and the city will work with Brown and Toland Physicians, California Pacific Medical Center, Hill Physicians Group, Catholic Healthcare West and the University of California, San Francisco to streamline costs by integrating care under an agreement that starts July 1.

Because of the way benefits are set, the freeze saves San Francisco taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, said Claire Zvanski, president of the City Health Services Board that administers health insurance plans for about 26,000 public employees and retirees.

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  • James

    I wish writers would check their facts before they publish them. San Francisco Public Employees pay $272.93 twice per month, which is $545.86 per month, (not $215) for a family medical coverage for Blue Shield.

  • davey

    That is cheap. The private sector have to pay for a portion their own coverage. Still the public unions always get the best from the tax payer. The private sector are slave to the public workers.

  • Laura

    My husband is a retired firefighter in another county and we pay over $1,000.00 monthly for the two of us.

  • Graham

    Oh my gosh…Channel 5 get it right! SF City employees on Blue Shield pay approximately $273 every two weeks for a family plan ($546 monthly)!!! Thanks for spreading even more propaganda about how good SF City employee supposedly have it! Ugh!

  • Fred Thompson

    Two things- $548 a month for family is decent price. Quit yer complaining. And why are they freezing City Employee premiums but jacking up every one elses?

    • jon

      Cuz ur a jealous hater Fred! Maybe if u didn’t get C’s all ur life and got thru more than 3 semesters at city college, u would have a real job instead of that paper pushing, 28k a year, stuck in a cubicle, no benefits job u currently have. ur life reflects what you’ve put into it. I bet u haven’t put jack into making urself a better person, Fred…

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