SAN JOSE (AP) — A 45-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attacking another driver in San Jose with a hammer in what police are describing as a road rage incident.

William Mosson of San Jose was taken into custody on Wednesday and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

The chain of events leading to the road rage attack began when Mosson allegedly cut off the victim, San Jose Police Officer Jose Garcia said. The victim, who was identified only as a male adult, made some kind of motion that provoked Mosson to challenge him to pull over.

When the victim refused, Mosson followed him until they both stopped at an intersection at Santa Teresa Boulevard and Chesbro Avenue, said Garcia.

Mosson then got out of his car with a hammer and hit the victim several times in the head and on his body, according to Garcia.

The victim was treated for his injuries at a hospital and was expected to live.

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Comments (25)
  1. peace says:

    I hope William Mosson get’s his head bashed in when he goes to prison. Let me guess was he driving a big huge truck? Only losers drive big huge trucks because they have teeny tiny bleeps.

    1. dan says:

      most of them tail gates…it’s very infuriating, but you have to remain never know how those people react if you retaliate.

  2. Kyle says:

    I have to say that the other driver should not have pulled over with him. Come on. The punk cuts you off so yes you let him know he is number 1 with the middle finger but to let him provoke you to pull over to fight is stupid. William Mosson is a punk and could of had a gun so the other guys is lucky it wasn’t worse.

    1. Booga says:

      I don’t think he stop for him, I think they stopped at a red light and the crazy fool with the hammer probably took that as a chance to get the poor guy 😦

  3. Lydia says:

    Mosson deserves to have his head beaten with a hammer and all driving privileges revoked for the rest of his life… for starters.

  4. john smith says:

    ouch! getting hit in the head with a hammer?

  5. Slowertraffic stay right says:

    If you do something stupid on the road, say your sorry and don’t act like a tough guy unless your ready to go. It’s too dangerous to provoke people and not expect them to retaliate. If someone puts my life in danger believe me I will follow them till I run out of gas and they will say sorry or else.

    1. Lemonaid says:

      Slowertraffic stay right, Let me guess. You drive a big truck and thing you are a big man but are probably 5′ tall with a little dingaling. Grow Up

      1. Slowertraffic stay right says:

        I drive a Prius and I stunt calk on the weekends for action porn with a ten inch salami, you want some?

      2. K says:

        Hahaha, epic sarcasm, slowertraffic.

      3. K says:

        You can’t outdrive slowertraffic. Sure you might get away for a moment by speeding, but when you slow down to conserve gas mileage, he’ll be in your rearview mirror, with something 10 inches long in a paper bag.

    2. Matt J. says:

      Then you are part of the road rage problem yourself. Do something about your anger problem before you end up like this guy now in jail.

  6. Ida says:

    Everytime I read articles like this I keep asking the same question…..what are Americans soooooo angry about. Everybody’s carrying weapons….evrybody’s in a hurry in the lines….we check our blackberries constantly as though we’re going to miss something. What happened to the phrase “go with the flow”.Hopefully the victim will recover. I tell my husband don’t argue with people like this driver because you never know someone else’s breaking point.

  7. JBlevins says:

    Deport him, he’s probably here illegally.

  8. Jay Tomjanovich says:

    To JBlevins, what’s your point?
    I came here ILLEGALLY through Canada in 1984 and I’m still here.

    1. sickandtired! says:

      Please leave then! You are no better than a criminal!

      1. Jay Tomjanovich says:

        How am I a criminal? Only people from south of the US border are illegal aliens. I’m European, just like Anerica’s Founding Fathers.

    2. Born in the USA says:

      And you’re proud that you are a criminal?

      1. Jay Tomjanovich says:

        How am I a criminal? Only people from south of the US border are illegal aliens. I’m European, just like Anerica’s Founding Fathers.

  9. alexofc69 says:

    I live in the area and people drive around like its a race track. There are usually tons of cops up and down Santa Teresa Blvd. At least he got busted.

  10. DIamond says:

    People are sure quick to judge. Were any of you there when all this took place? There is always two sides to every story. How do you know it wasnt the other way around and the other person caused the road rage and is now playing victim….Dont Judge People!!

    1. The Judge says:

      @Dlamond, why are you so quick to judge the comments here? Perhaps you should take your own advice and don’t judge people.

    2. Matt J. says:

      Because the hammer wounds tell the real story. It is obviously not self defense, so there can be no justification for it.

  11. Calm driver says:

    I have an idea. When someone cuts you off, don’t middle-finger because that’s provocative. Instead, just look ahead and shake your head as showing your disbelief by that driver’s driving.

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