FRESNO (AP) — The former mistress of convicted wife killer Scott Peterson was sued by a California author who claims Amber Frey failed to cooperate in the writing of a book and screenplay.

Peter Reynosa’s breach of contract suit, filed late Wednesday in Fresno Superior Court, seeks $250,000 or Frey’s renewed cooperation on the book “Memoirs of a Sex Addict” and the screenplay “Myths of the Flesh.”

Frey did not respond to Fresno Bee requests for reaction, but her father, Ron Frey, told the newspaper the lawsuit is simply an attempt to cash in on his daughter’s name.

Peterson is on San Quentin’s death row for killing his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn child in 2002.

Frey dated Peterson in 2002 and she testified for the prosecution at his trial.

Comments (9)
  1. Trudy Sanders says:

    Hey guys – let’s do the world a big favor : lets not be interested in anything she ever has to say or write. Okay ?

    1. Big G says:

      Maybe you should reread the article!!! Says she failed to cooperate,

  2. Adam warlock says:

    “FAiled to cooperate” because she has nothing worthwhile to communicate.

  3. JaneQPublic says:

    I don’t know of any law that says a witness in a criminal case is obligated to participate or cooperate in the writing of a book or screenplay for commercial gain. This news article does NOT say that there was EVER any contract between the ‘plaintiff’ Reynosa – even though he alleges there was a breach of one.

    There are some crucial missing pieces to this (poorly-written) article…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    What I gather from other news sources I read is that Reynosa & Frey did have some sort of agreement that the authorship for these works would be listed as “Amber Frey as told to Peter Reynosa.”

    But that he is the one now refusing to make changes to content he already wrote which she wants revised in order for her name to stay on the project. In other words, he’s attributing to her things she didn’t say. So it sounds to me like Reynosa is the one breaching the terms of the agreement. (BTW all the other reports I read used the word “agreement” but not “contract.”)

    I applaud the Frey family for standing their ground against such a deception.

  5. CBird says:

    Amber Frey was NEVER Scott Peterson’s mistress. That was an exploitive & titillating headline meant to get people to read it. It’s a disgusting headline which ignore the service she gave in catching a killer. Unfortunately those kinds of headlines bring out the worst, the sick & demented addicted to sensationalism, which certainly worked given the comments on this story.

  6. Merriam Webster says:

    @ CBird, fyi, the definition of “mistress” = “a woman having an extramarital sexual relationship with a married man.” The definition does not address any assumption about whether she is or isn’t aware he has a wife.

    1. skysky says:

      We both know that the term implies that the woman knowingly had a relationship with a married man. It’s been made clear from the start that she did NOT know that he was married and when she found out what was going on, she immediately went to the police and then worked with them.
      To label her as his mistress is insulting and offensive as she was a victim of the monster as well.

  7. skysky says:

    Reynosa needs to crawl back under his rock and leave her alone.
    Any book would have to involve Lacy and it’s wrong to try to make money off this tragedy.
    No one wants to read a book about Peterson. All we want to read is that he’s still rotting in prison.

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