REDWOOD CITY (BCN/CBS/KCBS) — Officers amplified security at Caltrain’s Redwood City station Saturday after about a dozen assailants attacked a man at the station on Friday, a spokeswoman said.

A group of 9 to 15 assailants attacked a 47-year-old man waiting for the Caltrain at Redwood City’s southbound platform Friday evening  in an attempt to rob him, at about 7:30 p.m. according the transit system’s spokeswoman Christine Dunn.

The man, who was waiting for a southbound train, was beaten and left on the ground after the attack. No weapons were seen during the scuffle, Dunn said.

The victim, a San Jose resident, remains in the hospital in critical condition after the violent attack.  He was still in critical condition as of 6:20 p.m. Saturday evening, Dunn said.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

Officers were interviewing witnesses and it’s unclear at this point if the attack was captured on security video.

Given the severity of the mauling, investigators from Caltrain police are now “aggressively” following leads into the possible whereabouts of the suspects, including reports of a white compact car seen leaving the station, Dunn said.

Despite the incident, Dunn said passengers shouldn’t be concerned about their personal safety.

“It’s really outside the norm in our experience. People who are waiting for Caltrain have every reason to feel safe and comfortable while they’re at stations,” said Dunn.

She was not able to discuss the nature of the victim’s injuries , but said police are asking for the public’s help in the case.

Anyone with information about the attack is encouraged to call Detective Victor Lopez at (650) 622-8048.

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Comments (39)
  1. Tom says:

    Not to worry. CalTrain is cutting back on service so the number of events such as this should be reduced.

    1. W says:

      You’re right. Cutting back services meaning more people will be waiting with you, you’ll be safer.

    2. ww says:

      9-15 means they are not assailants, just a pack of wolves

  2. EasyRyder says:

    Wow! It’s not like you can find anyone who works at these CalTrain stations when you need help or any kind of information.l Was just on it yesterday, and couldn’t find a soul!

  3. William says:

    “Despite the incident, Christine Dunn said passengers shouldn’t be concerned about their personal safety.”

    Isn’t Christine Dunn the former spokes-person for the Sharp-Pointed-Stick Co.?

    “A group of 9 to 15 assailants”….

    I see, and not one person saw anything such that there could even be a vague description?
    Oh I see, probably just another gang of “diversity” at play.
    Lots of multi-racial gangs roaming around Redwood City.

    I mean, how do you even know to say 9 to 15 if you can’t even give the most basic description? Male, female, age range, ethnicity, NOTHING?
    Sound like uber PC at work in the reporting.

    1. Margie Shafer says:

      Not being p-c…the info was not provided to us. Would be more than happy to pass on suspect information. Margie Shafer, KCBS

  4. Adam Finch says:

    9-15 people…That cannot be too hard to figure out at least one person involved. Groups of people tend not to move around in 10+ without notice – even gang bangers tend not to be in groups of 10+ at a given time – unless A) riding the train B) hanging out at the park drinking/smoking, which would mean they were there many times before…

  5. bob says:

    Christine Dunn get your head out of your rectum. Passengers should be concerned for their safety since you or CalTrain show absolutely no concern. Let’s see your confidence standing alone at say 10:00 at night on the platform. Lead by example or keep your spin to yourself.

    1. Tom says:

      Well bob, it’s the logical outcome of the attacks on public services that ultimately end up hurting the average American. What public service or municipality has a budget for police services anymore? Who wants to be a minimum-wage police officer, teacher, fireman, librarian, DMV employee, muni driver, etc.?

      Basic public services are the foundation of a Democratic society, but until we decide to PAY for them via taxes, and start showing basic human respect and appreciation for public service workers, we can expect more chaos like this.

      1. Captain Quirk says:

        Well, Tom, I’d like to think that there is a happy medium somewhere between minimum wage and $120,000 per year plus overtime, free health insurance, free long term disability insurance, retiree health insurance, vacation pay, sick leave (all of which can be cashed out if unused), and a generous pension (90% of salary after 30 years).

    2. bob says:

      Rectum?? no damn near killed him.

  6. Bloodhounds says:

    Hope they find atleast one of the attackers. Then that person will snitch so they don’t get charged. Good thing it wasn’t in SF, they would let every one go. San Mateo County does prosecute criminals. Hope the victim recovers and can give discriptions of the criminals.

  7. Ken Kash says:

    Ah yes, incidents like this, incidents like crime in the vacinity of Bart stations, and non stop agressive panhandling on the streets in San Francisco are exactly the reasons why I bought a new car three months ago. You will never again see me in a position where I am subject to something like this,you will never again see me anywhere inside the city limits of San Francisco, and you will never again see me supporting any kind of mass transit tax.

  8. chuyo649 says:

    all I know is that this guys ! all are cowards!, ganging up on a single guy like that! shows they are! I will bet you that this poor man could have even taken two on !at the same time at least for a while , hope that when he recovers from his beating he can identify this pu$$ys! all it takes is one! and like dominos the rest will fall.

  9. Ryan says:

    Ken, I’m sure San Francisco won’t miss you.

    1. Mike says:

      Wait til something happens to you Ryan. Lets see what you have to say then.

  10. Brian Smith says:

    another reason in favor of carrying concealed weapons. like a gun!
    CCW’s for all legitimate gun owners instead of the arrogant “you ain’t one o’ us so forget it.” attitude you get from the local sheriff.

    1. Concerned in Santa Cruz says:

      Great minds think alike, I see…

      1. Mike says:

        Ah, yes, always the voice of reason from Santa Cruz. Keeps smoking your dope to sink into your fantasy world of peace and happiness.

    2. Captain Quirk says:

      Totally agree, Brian. (On both counts — the advisibility of carrying a concealed weapon, and the arrogant “you ain’t one of us, so forget it” attitude of the law enforcement community) I would also go farther and say that this is a perfect example of why it is a BAD idea to consider limiting the number of bullets a magazine can hold. 10 rounds isn’t enough to ward off 15 attackers.

  11. Concerned in Santa Cruz says:

    If that only man had a CCW, this story might have had a happier ending.

  12. DAVE says:

    There is no more accountability amonst parents, teachers, administrators, and law officers. I am a teacher, you try to do discipline the child. The administrator gets mad, saying you can’t handle the kid. The parent gets mad saying the kid is special.

  13. bob says:

    Should have messed with me and I would have splattered their guts like a dropped plate of spaghetti. Just one more reason to conceal carry, why be a statistic? This is the end product of not enforcing our laws. Our law makers have failed us. Run us into the poor house by years of pandering to political allies. I’m sick and tired of the games they play and I’m not gonna be taken advantage of anymore. To hell with them all. First and foremost protect yourself the cops usually come AFTER the crime. And thanks to the politicians we citizens in this state are deemed criminals if we conceal carry to protect ourselves. But they being politicians have no trouble getting permits to protect themselves. What the hell makes them so special and privileged that their lives are worth protecting more than our lives? It’s time to end all this BS and make the politicians answerable to the public and not to just their puppet masters and money machines. The days of sweetheart deals and payoffs have got to end and time to have politicians held accountable for malfeasance and time behind bars is well past due! Our futures are at stake and this crime is just another indictment of how our elected leaders have so miserably failed us.

  14. Susan Foley says:

    Certainly after this everyone should feel perfectly safe at a Cal Train station.

    Does Ms. Dunn think we’re all brain dead already? Doesn’t this incident rather prove the contrary

  15. Ron greene says:

    The south train boarding area is connected the sequoia station Safeway shopping center, the area is not safe, low lights , poor securiy, low lifes hanging around, I do not know who owns the center, but they have caused a dangerous events….

  16. T.egger says:

    Are you kidding, “don’t fear for your safety”??? They just don’t want to lose $$..that’s all that matters. The state of this world is very sad

  17. John says:

    40 out of 50 states readily issue concealed weapons permits to law-abiding citizens. Every state from the Mississippi River west to the Pacific Ocean does, except for CA. The Richards v. Prieto federal case, being heard on 10 March, may force CA to change its ways.

  18. JaneQPublic says:

    Quote: “People who are waiting for Caltrain have every reason to feel safe and comfortable while they’re at stations,” said [transit system’s spokeswoman] Dunn.

    Really??? And what pray tell, have you been smoking/snorting, Ms. Dunn?

    I sincerely doubt this talking head for Caltrain uses it herslf, much less hangs around waiting the train IN THE DARK!

    Nope, I’ll just carry my own little ‘surprise’ and God help any damn fool that wants to get stupid with me….

  19. AJ says:

    This is clearly a gang related attack. Those 9 to 15 attackers are most likely trying to get into a gang and this is something they had to do to get in. I personally don’t feel safe waiting for a train, you never see security around keeping an eye on things. Way to go Redwood City you’re doing a great job. NOT!

  20. USMCFormerMarine0311 says:

    These bunch of cowards are like a bunch of cochroaches. To gang up on that one person surely sounds like a gang initiation. These low lifes are another reason for CCW. The biggest problem we have in this state is the pathetic excuse for representation like Boxer, Pelosi etc that to many Californians keep voting in. If you want a change in the way things are done we have to start there. As for these cowards with a group that big one of those idiots will talk and they should catch the rest.

    1. Captain Quirk says:

      @ “Former Marine” — With all due respect, Senator Boxer and U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi are United States FEDERAL representatives and have nothing to do with ordinary street crime in California or with concealed weapon issues. I agree that concealed weapon permits should be issued on a mandatory basis (“shall issue”) for qualified applicants, as opposed to giving the authorities unlimited discretion not to issue such permits, but again, that’s a state law issue, not a federal one.

  21. G2 Analyst says:

    I know for a fact as a data analyst who worked on RF engineering projects that it’s possible to identify the assailants by examining the cell transponder traffic. Anyone who had their cell phone on at the time leading up to this cowardly attack or escaping from the scene could be identified and tracked, even if they were’t making a call. Cell phones are constantly communicating with towers. If the police can’t find the culprits, it’s inexcusable.

    1. D. says:

      Maybe the Police haven’t thought of that, did you call them to let them know?

      “Anyone with information about the attack is encouraged to call Detective Victor Lopez at (650) 622-8048.”

  22. honest guy says:

    No doubt the savage criminals are the “usual (i.e. THICK-LIPPED) suspects”. When will they stop being such a criminal race???????

  23. Charles Bronson says:

    DAMN..I was at the wrong station again..I dont need no stinkin CCW permit..I have dark hair and wearing a dark trench hands will be in my pockets just waiting..

  24. TJ says:

    My young daughter and I need to take the train this week, and various family members are asking if we’re crazy. I guess we can drive down to Menlo Park where their local police make sure their residents are safe.

  25. TJ says:

    Oh,, I forgot to add: Dear Ms. Dunn. You can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig.

  26. Bob Mun says:

    I travel legally armed. Been hoping this sort of thing happens to me. Anxious about the outcome.

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