SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A recent wave of alleged gang violence in San Francisco’s Mission District has residents and shopkeepers feeling unsafe as problems continue to plague the neighborhood. As a result Guardian Angels are stepping up their patrols in that area.

There already has been an increase in police presence on foot, squad cars and motorcycles, but now the men and women wearing red berets are taking to the streets.

In an official statement, the Angels have said they’re working with police and are prepared to make citizen’s arrests when they see someone breaking the law.

The heightened security measure is in response to some brazen acts of violence within the last couple of weeks. One incident saw a man shot during daylight hours at 17th and Mission. Other reported incidents have included stabbings and assaults.

Investigators suspect it all stems from a turf war between Norteno and Soreno gang members who are known to be bitter rivals.

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Comments (11)
  1. P P J L says:

    You should not worry the ganges are already negotiating!!! And it will be alright, Don’t make it worse then it is by blowing things out of proportion Professor P.J. L.

    1. You're kidding, right? says:

      The “ganges”? What are ganges?

    2. K.Stewart says:

      Proffessor huh? and where did you take your spelling class?

    3. ray says:

      you are kitdding (right) your a professor.want to be professor right

  2. dsfgdsfgsdg says:

    Is “red” really a good choice of color for an “anti-gang” task-force? Seems to me like they are just taking sides.

  3. Robert M. says:

    Can’t you guys see he’s the professor of GANJA, and he spends his time hiding in his hole dreaming of smoking it………AND WHO SAID THE BLOODS HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS ON THE COLOR RED!!! I suppose you got real upset at Sammy Hagar when he sang the song RED!! Good luck you little creeps

  4. John says:

    Criminals are carrying guns? How can that be, there’s a law against that! Are you telling me that criminals break the law against carrying guns and carry them anyway in order to shoot whomever they want, to rob whomever they want, to rape whomever they want when they want? That is shocking, shocking I say. Next thing you’ll say is that those armed criminals target unarmed citizens over armed police officers merely because those citizens are unarmed. Quick! The vapors!

    Fortunately, Calguns Foundation has a CCW Initiative that is suing CA sheriffs in federal court to force them to issue CCWs (concealed carry weapons permits), to all qualified law-abiding citizens. Then we’ll join the 40 other states that do such and we’ll no longer be sitting ducks for their predators in our midst.

  5. Lady Gaga says:

    So when are they going to start patrolling Haight St. ?

  6. greg says:

    seems the correct answer is not “no affiliation” if asked by a gang m while walking the mission..

    if you’re in the red area are you supposed to say you’re sympathetic to the red?

    and where are these gang areas precisely? is one sid eof the street red and the other blue?

  7. Oscar says:

    24th and Mission is home sweet home for Nortenos. 19th & Mission is Sureno home base. Keep to yourself. Don’t where and deep solid colors. Don’t wear anything Baggy. Don’t wear a black hoody to big. If your white don’t worry about it because you wont be asked “where you from holmes

  8. trj says:

    These guardian angels are a joke! It will only be a matter of time until one or two of them gets put down unless they are armed. It is really stupid to go in to that neighborhood unarmed and then attempting to apprehend armed criminals.

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