SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A new effort is underway to approve a Bill of Rights for domestic workers, with a kickoff rally for the campaign held in San Francisco’s Mission District on Sunday.

The California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is co-authored by San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and would extend rights for overtime pay, meal and rest breaks and worker’s compensation to domestic employees.

“Domestic workers have historically been excluded from a lot of labor protections that apply to other workers,” said Beatriz Herrera with the group People Organized to Win Employment Rights. “Many of our points are not asking for special privileges. They’re just asking for inclusion in other labor laws.”

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Patricia Aceberos has been a domestic worker for eight years. She said many are too intimidated to demand things like overtime pay or sick days.

“Some of them don’t have documents, so they can’t voice their problems,” she said. “They’re scared to fight for their rights.”

Supporters of the bill said it would cover about 200,000 domestic workers throughout the state.

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Comments (12)
  1. Jose says:

    What does this photo represent?

  2. readwithcare says:

    I support this idea – domestic workers deserve the same protections as any other workers.

  3. Oksana says:

    If they are here legaly I’m all for it, if they are here illegaly, they don’t deserve any rights.

    1. freedom4all says:

      Genocide is a decease, bcareful it could be you.the one who gets deported. Think about it, do some reading it may help you understand where or who this land where u stand today belonged to before what it is today… think of your kids if you have any,

  4. fair says:

    as long as they are paying taxes

    1. aquilegia says:

      Because guidelines are fuzzy at best, and domestic work is largely unregulated many employers do not pay taxes they are required to. They pressure domestic workers to be paid under the table, so the employer can skip their responsibilities. If you ask to be paid over the table, they just go find someone else. (I say, let them. But many can’t afford to lose the job prospect.)

      This bill, as written, would provide protections making it safe for employees to come out of the shadows, be protected like other employees, and be paid like them, including having the proper deductions made, and the employer paying their share of taxes.

  5. Chloe T. says:

    Is “domestic worker” a euphemism for illegal alien worker? They should not have a bill of rights or anything else that makes it easier for them to violate the laws of this country. Fine the companies that are employing them and deport them.

    1. Dictionary says:

      Become informed! A domestic worker is someone who works in another person’s home. Examples include nannies, housekeepers, gardeners, etc.

  6. freedom4all says:

    i think that we should all think of why we r here, we as humas have a purpose in life. live and let live some1 said, now who are we to judge on who deserves what? wouldnt it if it was you the ilegal or legal person that needed such benefit be happy to get it?think about it bfore u judge we are all equal in Gods eyes

    1. ! says:

      We are a nation of laws, what part of illegal don’t you understand?

      1. jen says:

        Everything Hitler did was legal.

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