SAN JOSE (KCBS) – A Major League Baseball stadium is far from being a done deal in San Jose, but preliminary reports have appeared online for possible construction plans.

The online listing is for construction of a 32,000 seat baseball stadium in San Jose. According to, the stadium includes concession areas, restrooms, ticket boxes and even VIP areas.

The estimated construction start date is January of 2013, something that came as a surprise to many city officials.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

“While I can appreciate why this would capture more attention than the reconstruction of my front porch, the reality is we don’t have any more news,” said San Jose City Councilman Sam Liccardo.

He said the city is still waiting for Major League Baseball to green light the project.

Michael Miller, executive director of the Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County, said the posting was a surprise to him as well.

“There’s nothing confirmed that any contractor has seen regarding projects or specifications for the building,” he said.

Builders’ Exchange is a competitor of Bidclerk.

“A lot of companies like that issue reports based on rumors,” said Miller.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco Giants remain vehemently opposed to the A’s moving to Silicon Valley, where they claim territorial rights.

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Comments (5)
  1. Carter says:

    San Jose….not going to happen! Do you actually think that the Giants will give up their rights to this territory? Nope. Lew you can keep waiting, I believe it is 2 years and counting right? Just because he was your Frat brother in College, does not mean he is your best friend. Lew, please stop punishing a great team over you own selfish greediness and start talks with other locations that will appreciate this team. Your not going to find Giants fans converting into A’s fans in San Jose.

  2. Jason says:

    @ Carter

    Are you Giants’ fans really threatened?! It isn’t like the Dodgers are moving to SJ…. not that they would. But I am amused about how some small-minded Giants fans think that the A’s moving 40 miles further away from SF somehow will cause a “kill-or-convert” transition in the south bay.

    Unless and until San Jose is a standalone market like Sac, SJ is still part of one of the largest markets in the US and big enough to be shared with the Giants. And since it is now one of the largest cities in the U.S. (and larger than SF), it is about time SJ has their own team.

    Besides, the N.L. stinks anyway.

  3. common says:

    wrong! not only is it going to happen, it’s goin to happen this year! the bay area will be a shared market by dec of this year, with ground breaking in feb 2013! Cisco Field opens in 2015. Hate all you want San Fran/Oakland boosters- The deal is made, say hello to the San Jose Athletics!!

  4. LoneStranger says:

    The Giants don’t own the rights. They were granted the rights by MLB, and MLB can take them away with a 3/4 vote of the teams. The more likely scenario is not that the Giants lose territory, it’s that the Bay Area becomes shared, like all the other dual-team markets.

  5. John Marx says:

    If this deal is done…MLB will be HIT with a major lawsuit by the city of Oakland. This will not be tolerated by any means. San Jose better be ready for a MAJOR boycott on your hands.

    See Louie. The NFL is getting a dose of what will happen to you if you move.

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