MARTINEZ (KCBS) -Three top executives who oversee the Contra Costa County retirement system have asked for raises of four to six percent.

Approving salary increases now for the chief executive officer, chief investment officer and general counsel of the Contra Costa County Employees Retirement Pension Board would send the wrong message, said Supervisor John Gioia, one of the trustees.

“It’s just not needed at this time,” he said, noting that
county employees are facing pay cuts and higher pension contributions.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

The Contra Costa Times reports a subcommittee of the retirement board has recommended CEO Marilyn Leedom receive a four percent raise to reward exemplary performance.

The retirement system is run independently from the county.

Gioia said times are much more difficult than 2007 when the Board of Supervisors voted to raise pay for all its members by 60 percent.

“Since then with the market downturn, we’ve all taken salary decreases,” he said.

The supervisors voluntarily lowered their pay in 2009, and Gioia said they would accept another three percent cut.

Pay for all three executives on the pension board has been the same since 2007. The trustees vote Wednesday on the pay increases.

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Comments (3)
  1. Aint no Thang says:

    Do you want a limo and a private jet with that raise! Give me a friggin break!

  2. Simon says:

    Everyone is on hard times now, especially the rank and file workers. And the county employees are facing pay cuts, higher pension contributions, higher medical cost and higher tax’s purposed by the local cities, counties and feds. This is such a common scene for these management and top executives types. It’s always been this way. The Management type think that they are so deserving, and no one else is, and that they are the only ones that put in exemplary performances. They are always so busy patting themselves on the back with our tax payer dollars. You will never hear about the exemplary performance of the Food service worker, or the exemplary performance of the Plumber, or any of the other thousands of hard working individuals in the County. You know what they get when and if they are recognized for their exemplary performance? They get a LETTER of Appreciation that goes into their personnel file, but never will you see them get a Raise, much less a 6 percent one. They already make at least double that of what a hard dedicated rank and file worker makes and more, and yet these people always think that they are more deserving than everyone else. They would tell the rank and file, good job, that’s what we pay you to do, your job. They make me sick. If anything, these top executives & management types should all have their salary’s cut, and big time. When the rank and file worker asks for a raise, it has to be negotiated, and if you don’t like the outcome, there’s the door. But when one of their own ask for a raise, they always seem bend over backwards and give us all the reasons why so and so is so deserving and so on. These top executives and management types already get an extra week or so off when they move into these positions, because they think that they are losing overtime pay, and should be compensated for their loss. And yet their salaries are already high upon becoming a part of the management. When and if the rank and file employees get a raise, the top executives and management types get one too on top of any other raise they might have been granted. I say management to receive a raise no more than what the rank and file do. Quit picking on the rank and file, they are the back bone workforce. I’m sure that there’s people out there that would be glad to have a job in these times, and would do a great job for a lot less than what we are paying these overpriced Management and top executive types that believe that they are so in replaceable.

  3. Kathy says:

    Just curious… not follow up. Did they get the vote and thus the raises?

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