We continue our Taiwan journey by heading south east of Taipei to the east coast city of Hualien and Taiwan’s “Grand Canyon”, Taroko Gorge inside Taroko National Park. Then head south, past the Tropic of Cancer, and discover the beautiful Pacific Ocean side of the island.


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  1. Gwendolyn Gordon says:


  2. Robert Christou says:

    ? WinTaiwanAdventure.com?
    I have the name for today but do not see this location on line
    This is the word I saw today on Channel 5
    Thank You

  3. Darin Schilling says:


  4. Dennis Sturdevant says:

    Where do I enter win taiwan adventure? Today’s word is Gorge

  5. LSoohoo says:

    The entry page is not working on the web site. Can’t fill in the info????

  6. Joy Seebock says:

    Where is the entry page for today 3-9. Today’s word is Gorge.

  7. Carol says:

    Website doesn’t seem to be working…. The word for today is gorge… Please register me…

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