(KCBS) – A proposal to extend the NFL season by two games is a key issue in negotiations between the owners and players. But would that lead to more injuries, including concussions? John Madden says the concussion issue has long been “swept under the rug,” and may still not be taken seriously enough at all levels of football.

With more news leaking out of the NFL talks, John wonders what happened to the arbitrator’s gag order. Could it be that owners and players just can’t keep their mouths shut?

Just because you’re a pro athlete doesn’t mean you look good playing other sports. John remembers when the Raiders had a basketball team. He only saw one game because he was embarrassed to watch NFL great Jim Otto trying to dribble down court. (8:45)

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  1. Steve says:

    These players were all hit in the chin. Crosby, Savard, Stahl and Richards and should all be medically evaluated for a boxers glass jaw. Correcting this orthopedic problem has been found to be effective in players exposed to jaw related mtbi. Common tooth protecting mouth guards don’t help in cases of tmjoint dysfunction, helmets are not the answer. Psyche testing measures are only in place to evaluate post concussion, to make sure a player does not return to play to soon and do nothing to protect against the first concussion, which could cause a glass jaw. No concussion is alike unless its from a blow to the jaw, these are a different mechanism of injury, its diagnosable in preseason physicals. An evaluation protocol developed with boxers and NFL players gives reason for hope. Parents need to know there is something they can look toward to protect their kids. The medical community has failed to provide any means of prevention, only aftercare,band-aides for the wound, nothing proactive. http://www.mahercor.com

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