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Canceled Sale Of California Buildings Prompts Lawsuit

SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — The investors who won the contract to buy 24 state office buildings have sued the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown canceled the deal last month. The attempt to sell state assets was championed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Brown said the high cost of renting the properties back from the buyers did not make financial sense for taxpayers.

A group of investors who formed California First announced Friday they had filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County. They had offered to buy the properties for $2.3 billion.

The investors say “a deal is a deal.” The suit says the state failed to meet its obligations when Brown cancelled the agreement.

Eric Lamoureux, a spokesman for the state Department of General Services, calls the lawsuit “frivolous and wholly without merit.”

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  • M

    Selling state building and leasing them back was one of the Governator’s worse ideas. So I hope the DGS is right when they say the lawsuit if “frivolous and without merit” — just as the whole idea of selling and leasing them was frivolous and without merit.

  • bob in sj

    Elections. They have… Consequences.

  • Burton Gunther

    @Bob in SJ;
    You’re correct. Elections do have consequences. Arnold should have never been elected. He had bad ideas and poor leadership. It will take years to clean up Arnold’s mess. Arnold was a financial disaster for Taxpayers and the State.
    (Governor Davis was only fired for raising the DMV fee).

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