Eye On The Bay: Taiwan 5 – 3/11/11

Our final show from Taiwan brings us to central Taiwan to the mountainous resort region of Sun Moon Lake. We cycle and boat around Taiwan’s “Lake Tahoe” then sample some of the worlds best black tea from a working tea farm. We finish with a ride at over 185 miles per hour on Taiwan’s High Speed Rail!


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  • Michael Easton

    Directions to wintaiwainvacation suck, Went to the web site; rules but no entry form. Comr to this web site; no entry form or link I can find.

    Michael Easton

  • Karen Wright

    the magic word for today, March 11, to enter the contest and win a trip to Taiwan is island

    where’s the entry form?

  • William Bergmann

    I agree with Karen Wright, the magic word for Friday was “Island”, but there is no way to enter. Was this promotion just a come on to make us watch the show?

  • Ron Puccinelli

    where is the entry form or was the contest over last night. We always watch Eye on The Bay but did not here any time for this contest

  • Melinda c.gutierrez

    I wanted to find out when and where will the contest results be announced or said on TV…I watched all 5 days…and enjoyed it so much….I have been to the Philippines, Japan, Hongkong,Bangkok, and Vietnam …have not had a chance to go to Taiwan or Taipei yet…

  • Deborah Evenich

    Have they announced the winner of this contest?

  • Rachel

    Please announce the winner of the contest on the website! Please let us know the contest results and when exactly the contest was held! It’s a public show with advisements on TV and the audience should have right to know what’s going on. Thanks!!!

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