CONCORD (CBS SF) — BART officials are estimating that the process of clearing the tracks after Sunday morning’s train derailment in Concord may take all night.

Crews are currently working to separate the cars, but the electric third rail that powers the trains was damaged, Johnson said. It must be repaired before service can be restored.

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Some of the passengers who were on the train said the derailment sounded like an earthquake.

“The train was moving and then suddenly, it started jerking, until it came to a stop” said one passenger. “I thought, we’re just going to have to sit here for a few minutes. And then to find out, when we actually stood up and saw the cars, it was stunning and shocking.”

Three people reportedly suffered minor back injuries as a result of the slow-speed derailment that occurred around 9:20 a.m., according to BART spokesman Linton Johnson.

Initially, Johnson had said that none of the 65 passengers on board the trains were injured.

The 10-car train had just left the Concord BART station en route to San Francisco International Airport when the eighth car’s wheels came fully off the tracks. The ninth car’s wheels also partially disengaged, according to Johnson.

BART officals are hoping to have cleared the tracks for service before the start of the morning commute. However, they are working on a contingency plan, Johnson said.

Details of the contingency plan have not yet been released.

A bus bridge between the Pleasant Hill and Pittsburg/Bay Point BART stations has been set up for passengers, as there is currently no service between those stations, Johnson said.

An investigation into the cause of the derailment is under way, Johnson said.

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Comments (16)
  1. Jim Bob says:

    This article is worthless without pics.

    1. jon says:

      Onlywo cars fell off, and they were nottipped. I almos mised it if my wife didn’t say anything. Looks like one set of wheels bumped off the tracks and was half on, half in the centet platform, like a car in a Ditch

    2. grokpaint says:

      For an idiot, yes.

    3. Victor says:

      Jim Bob, didn’t you see the video player embedded in this article? Please stop saying that this article is worthless and click on the play button in the video player above.

  2. Beej says:

    Story says two wheels came off.. off the train, off the track? regardless, that’s some awfully shabby maintenance on somebody’s behalf. Thank God it was no worse.

    1. Jia-Lin Braswell says:

      Yeah I was wondering about that too. Which is which?

  3. prioritiespeople says:

    BART has problems like these and yet they’re so concerned about people eating on trains.

  4. emily stepp says:

    hi I was on the second to last bart car, one of the ones that derailed. it was much worse than the above first hand account says – at least in the derailed cars. I thought we were going to either flip or go off the guard rail and down the slope. There was a smell of fire afterwards. Bart police and firemen were there very shortly after, but the sounds and sights of the derailment have left me shaken. Our car was jammed into the one in front of us, luckily no one was severely injured and the policemen were very helpful and reassuring.

    1. Linda Webb says:

      too bad they didn’t get to interview you or the lady you were with, then they would know what it was like in the cars that actually derailed, not the ones in front.

  5. coco says:

    Bart really needs a major overhaul, The cars are filthy, the tracks are old and the drivers are asleep 80% of the time.
    We pay too much to ride a delopatated mess!

  6. Da Fish says:

    Perhaps another “trail truck goes the wrong way???” (remember a few years back when a set of “rail trucks went the wrong way at the 12’th Street BART station”???). First off, let’s be very thank ful that nothing serious happened to people. I’m sure that one set of rail trucks Jumpped over and went the wrong way ….. but also …. check out potential of “switching problems at the switches (switches started pointing 1 direction, and then went the otjer direction”.

  7. Jaime D. says:

    Becoming. A. Real. Threat.
    After living in the Bay Area for over a year I have seen the rising issues with public transportation. I was here for the Bart/Muni strikes. Both of them have mounting debts and seek tax payers help. With hundreds of employees, including a personal trans-county police force, making upwards of $100,000 a year each we still have a rusty decaying transit system. How many breakdowns will it take before an entire train losses control, or a public employee gets hurt or hurts someone else. Take back control of your cities and stop allowing these corrupted unions to steal our money and maybe our lives.

  8. Jia-Lin Braswell says:

    They really have got to get new future BART Cars like ASAP. They should come in like 2016 but that is way too late. WE NEED THEM SOON!!!!!! LIKE NOW!!!!!

  9. Gary Steele says:

    Maybe if BART personnel at all levels (not singling out unions at the moment), were paid according to their ability to do their jobs rather than their ability to schmooze or their ability to blackmail other BART employees, there would be more money to maintain the system.

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