SACRAMENTO (CBS) – Governor Jerry Brown hopes his pet Corgi, Sutter, can help balance the state’s $26 billion budget deficit.

In the ‘dog eat dog’ world of politics, it’s always good to dig for fresh ideas. So the governor’s office is turning to a four-legged approach to help take a bite out of the budget crisis. The State of California is now selling shirts and other merchandise with Sutter’s image to help close the budget deficit.

It’s no joke. Sutter’s twitter page does not lie. T-Shirts, bags, mugs, hats, doggies bowls and doggie-wear all featuring Sutter are for sale.

At Sacramento’s Sutter Landing Dog Park, some said the idea has legs.

“Well, if works, why not? I mean people will buy anything,” said a park visitor.

“I think it’s a good idea, but I think there are other things you can do to balance the budget,” said a man walking his dog in the park.

With $3 from every Sutter item sold going to the state’s general fund, the state would simply have to sell 887 million items of Sutter merchandise.

Or, if the 37 million people in our state each buy 24 t-shirts we could solve the budget crisis just like that.

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Comments (3)
  1. casner says:

    When I click on the link to Sutter’s twitter page, I am taken to a Blueworks live webpage. Please correct this.

  2. CMV says:

    what’s next, a car wash and bake sale?
    is this a high school or the 2nd largest state in the union with an economy larger than some countries?

  3. D. Graves says:

    I’d buy something in a minute. However, I am of an age, as I suspect many of your potential buyers might be, that going through several new and unfamiliar steps is a turn off.

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