SAN JOSE (CBS) – The San Jose City Council is expected to vote on Tuesday on whether or not to approve a tentative deal the city has reached with firefighters, which includes a 10 percent salary cut.

But San Jose Councilman Sam Liccardo has asked the council to delay that vote, saying the cuts are not enough.

“I’ve encouraged my colleagues to defer accepting the 10 percent reduction that has been generously offered by the firefighters until we’re able to negotiate further on retirement cuts,” he said.

KCBS’ Ron Naso Reports:

Although San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said he understands the need for pension reform, he said he would not support Liccardo’s proposal to table the vote on the firefighter deal.

“Pensions are going to continue to go up until they reach $400 million in about four years,” Reed said. “That’s a huge percentage of our general fund budget That’s a huge percentage of cost and we just have to get control over them.”

The tentative deal with the San Jose Fire Fighters union also included some operational changes and reduced health insurance, while the two sides continued talks on pension reform.

It also offered the city some hope of coming to similar agreements with San Jose’s other employee unions, but many of those talks have now been put on hold.

Reed said he is concerned that talks with police may end up in arbitration.

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Comments (7)
  1. Normie says:

    Leave it to one of san jose’s elected “confirmed bacelors” to attack the pay of the family men and women who protect san jose. if he had a family, i wonder if he would be taking this approach?

  2. Lee Ellak says:

    How much money could the city save if it were not a sanctuary city?

    Do any of the city council members know how much money is going to support illegal aliens in the city? How many illegal aliens are working in the city taking jobs from lawful residents.

    It seems to easy for the city council and the mayor to lay off firefighters, police officers, teachers and community center staff while ignoring the drain on city services by illegal aliens.

    We teach our children values. One of those is to obey the law. Yet our city leaders ignore that law in their support of the illegal alien community.

    Elected officials make laws and they expect the public to obey the laws. Yet, they choose to ignore the laws they don’t like. Is that teaching the right values to our children or to our community? In my opinion, no, it is not.

    The next time your city council person invites you to attend an event, ask them how many illegal aliens reside in the city. Ask how much of the taxpayer’s money is going to support illegal aliens. Ask them if it is right to ignore federal laws on immigration by having a sanctuary city.

    I support my fire fighters, police officers, teachers community centers and city staff. I do not support the elected officials who cater to the illegal alien advocacy crowd.

  3. Chris says:

    Recall Liccardo! He cares more about social services and illegal immigrants than public safety!

  4. Smoke says:

    Liccardo is trying to make name for himself to run for Mayor. So he can say I was against it, knowing he not going to succeed … This man just told police to stop upholding state law that requires everyone to have a CDL. Next time your in accident and the other driver has no CDL or insurance thank LICCARDO.

  5. Karen Johnson says:

    The City of San Jose can not afford, without risking funding to the City’s most basic services like the library, police, firefighters, and community centers, to ignore pension reform. The services everyone claims to hold so dear cannot be funded while the city employees gain astronomical hand-outs from the City of San Jose, such as pension payments. In addition, city of San Jose employees are paid sick-leave. They are paid for work they do not do. This kind of behavior is unthinkable and does not exist in the private sector, and for good reason. The City of San Jose needs pension reform more than 10% cuts to police, fire, etc. Those 10% cuts, while needed, are not going to make a difference.

    Pension reform will make a positive difference. Councilman Sam Liccardo has made a positive difference in the past, is currently, and will continue to in the future, no matter his career path. Thank you to Councilman Liccardo.

  6. Maria Leon says:

    Blah! Blah! Blah! postpone this postpone that. Come to an agreement already! Since last year, you have been making cuts to the fire department. And the big wigs are still making the three figure incomes. Why doesn’t San Jose value their true heroes. The Unwilling…Led by the Unqualified. doing the Unnecessary. For the Ungrateful!

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