NEW YORK (CBS) – Chris Brown reportedly launched into a violent rage after his interview on “Good Morning America” Tuesday.

PICTURES: Chris Brown
VIDEO: Chris Brown: Interview With Robin Roberts

The 21-year-old R&B singer allegedly smashed a window in his dressing room and stormed out of the studio shirtless after ABC’s Robin Roberts questioned him on-air about legal issues surrounding his 2009 Grammy eve assault on ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, WABC in New York reports.

“I think I’m passed that at this point in my life,” he said, trying to redirect the interview to his new album. “Today is the album day, that’s what I’m focusing on.”

Brown was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community labor in 2009.  A judge recently commended his probation progress and eased his restraining order which prohibited him from having any contact with Rihanna.

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Comments (4)
  1. nila says:

    ppl stop talkin all that negitive sht about chris of course he doesnt wanna hear about rihanna anymore thats his past and if ppl keep bringing it up he’s got the right to get angery he’s payed for what he’s done and still is. so if u dnt like him then dnt pay attenchion to wat he does. But for the rest of us chris breezy fanz we’re gonna stay by his side do u chris!!! let the haters hate thats they’re job…
    much luv as always 🙂

  2. Carson says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh it was ABC’s fault. Shame on them….maybe he should sue them? How dare they ask him questions about something that happened that long ago, 2 WHOLE years! HE WAS THERE to PROMOTE his album. We should all buy it, let him off probation and never speak of it again. People just wanna keep BRINGING it UP! HOW DARE THEY! Really, the kid’s had it rough! He’s such a nice boy. Maybe we should give him a grammy and a little nappy! AND LOTS OF ROYALTIES from album sales. He might need it if he ever faces a RESPONSIBLE network that DOES press charges! IDIOTS!

  3. shanny says:

    Ok lets back this thang up a bit. from tha jump chris should have never put his hands on rhianna or any other female. before it gets that serious u should just leave. get urself out tha situation. next he has done everything thing he was instructed to do by tha judge so now its time to learn fRom ur mistakes n move on. C.B.S was wrong for thrown salt on old wounds. it was that past. like that sayn goes eventually they do stop beatn rodney king! c.b.s.was wrong in that sense but for chris to react the way he did was childish. he really needs to stop n evaluate the way hes living his life! conseling wouldnt hurt either! this young man needs God n prayer…..alot of both

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