OAKLAND (KCBS) – Behind closed door negotiations are underway that will likely lead to the exit of BART General Manager Dorothy Dugger.

BART directors voted 5-to-4 earlier this year to ask Dugger to resign, but the closed session vote was voided because it happened without proper notice.

But KCBS and San Francisco Chronicle Insider Phil Matier reports in Sunday’s Matier and Ross column that negotiations are underway that could lead to Dugger leaving the agency with a severance package that may approach seven figures.

BART Director Lynette Sweet, who wants Dugger to stay, tells KCBS that some of her colleagues want the embattled GM out for personal reasons.

“The rationale that these directors were given run the gamut from, she didn’t return my phone call to the way she talks to me,” said Sweet.

Sweet said Dugger’s leadership has paid off for BART.

“BART is probably the only agency in the country with a budget surplus, a transit agency with a budget surplus. That’s unheard of,” she said.

Dugger’s critics have raised concerns about BART facilities, including dirty train cars and malfunctioning equipment.

The next BART board meeting is scheduled for April 14, but Sweet said a special meeting will probably be called before then to resolve the situation.

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Comments (5)
  1. skysky says:

    I can guess why there’s currently a surplus.
    Fares have increased while BART has decreased its services.
    The number of cars per train have been reduced and seats have been removed so the train can carry the same number of passengers packed like sardines during commute hours. Maintenance has obviously been cut resulting in filthy dirty smelly cars , many with no heat in the winter and no A/C during the summer. The computers running the system have inadequate A/C resulting in system-wide delays during hot weather.
    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken BART and the trains are delayed anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes with nary an advisory to the passengers. People understand problems happen but for some reason BART doesn’t like to share the news with the riders so they can alert their employer or their waiting ride or their daycare provider that they’ll be late. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been standing in the BART station watching the sign telling me my train is coming in minutes and half an hour later I’m still waiting.
    If you have to be some where on time or it’s hot out, you should drive.

  2. mechanic says:

    People that take BART on a regular basis are all suckers! What a lame system: smells bad, looks bad, runs bad. NO THANKS!

  3. JaneQPublic says:

    SEVEN-figure severance package???? Give me – and the rest of the public – an f______g break! What la-la land does BART ‘leadership’ live in? NO ONE is WORTH THAT! I suggest we all BOYCOTT BART for at least a day – and possibly longer – if this ‘severance package’ goes through. WE THE PUBLIC ARE PAYING THROUGH THE NOSE for this!

  4. Scout Mandilk says:

    Like Jane pointed out, taxpayers CONSTANTLY get ripped off. NO tax dollars to BART. NONE.

  5. Carl Hutchins says:

    I think she deserves a big severance package. that is what happens when you sign a contract. Live up to it or buy it out, that simple.

    i’ll bet the Union bosses are pushing the directors to dump mher or suffer the cosequences at the next election or bargaining session.

    Many yeas ago, I came to SF to get off the freeways. Bart for the most part was just fine. . Except for th time they stopped the trains mid day and rthe operators walked off. or the specials that zoomed by we regular passngers wit a load of conventineers. Or when the unio took over the maintence yard to slow operations by replacement operators, the latter, managers and supervisors were much better thn most of the arrognt regulars.

    Dorothy, you have my support

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