TIBURON (CBS SF) — A dump truck delivering rock and landscaping materials drove down Gilmartin Drive and into Richardson Bay Monday morning, Tiburon police said.

The truck might have lost its brakes, crossed Tiburon Boulevard and a multi-use path and somersaulted end-over-end before coming to rest in three to four feet of water about 70 feet into the bay shortly after 9:15 a.m., Tiburon police Capt. David Hutton said.

Two large tow trucks from Diego Brothers Towing & Truck Repair of Greenbrae dragged the truck out of the water, Hutton said.

Tiburon Boulevard was shut down for 10 to 15 minutes three times while the truck was removed from the bay, Hutton said.

The unidentified driver suffered a bump on the head but was able to escape from the truck when the front windshield popped out, Hutton said. He was taken to Marin General Hospital for observation.

“He was very confused,” Hutton said.

The truck left skid marks, but its speed has not been determined, Hutton said. The California Highway Patrol will examine the truck for mechanical defects, Hutton said.

The Tiburon and Southern Marin fire departments placed boom within a 30-foot radius of the truck to contain a small oil and fuel spill, Hutton said.

“We’re very fortunate the truck did not hit a car when it crossed Tiburon Boulevard or anyone on the bike path,” Hutton said.

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Comments (13)
  1. mildred pierce says:

    Right in my neighborhood! Glad I was not on the road! these truckers should get their trucks serviced on a regular basis!

    1. navy doc says:

      Actually the hospital released info that he is a diabetic and suffered a blackout-hence the confusion.

  2. PUDDI says:

    How the fcck did he manage to do that? i’ve driven that stretch many times, there are no mysterious turns and it is a ways to the water. Did he not notice the bike path or anything?

  3. Neighbor says:

    Probably a local crossing jaywalking to get to their house across the street.

  4. Ian says:

    He lost his brakes coming down Gilmartin, and avoided two lanes of traffic and a very heavily used pedestrian and bicyclist path that was crowded this sunny morning. Amazing the truck crossed it all without injuring or hitting anyone

    1. Shay says:

      He put his damn truck in the bay in an effort to save lives and not hit anyone because of a sudden brake failure! His maintenance was up to date and he has been driving a truck for over 17 years. His truck is a complete and total loss. The fire dept. and the police dept. were very helpful and I would like to thank them for helping my husband get through this terrible day.

      1. RNinNC says:

        How scary! Glad he wasn’t hurt.

      2. Richard says:

        Thank you for letting us know these stories sometimes leave too much out. Please do yourselves afavor and don’t read anymore of the comments on here invariably there will be jerks making comments. I hope the best for you and your husband

      3. Charles says:

        Hope he continues wello. Disregard if you can some of the negative remearks made previously, he was out doing his work and suffered a mishap fortunatlely no one else was injured.

  5. ShariaLawNOW says:

    He should have been driving a PRIUS or a Smart car and accident like these should not have happened….. 😀

  6. sparky says:

    Some GOP politician must be selling CDL’s under the table again

  7. Pete says:

    You are stupid. Idiots like you that would overload a Prius or a Smart Car with building materials would surely cause an accident worse than this because you are stupid enough to think of it in the first place. Learn some common sense. How in the Heck do you thin your Prius or Smart Car got to the dealership in the First place…. DUH…. I think it would be a truck. I wish the driver of this truck the Best.

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